Easy to use VR player with handy for PC

Hello, im new to scripts and VR.

I have an oculus quest 2 and was wondering how to play local scripts on my pc and connect it to the handy?

There is an entire section for how-to stuff. However, the best post is not there though since it’s a beta feature of a rather new VR player. Have a look at this thread.

DeoVR should also work if you use a tethered solution for you Quest. See how-to section regarding that.

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I use Virtual Desktop (bought on Quest store) on my Quest 2 to avoid having to plug it into the PC, launch it in SteamVR mode, then play videos through HereSphere (bought on steam). Very easy setup and works great

is there any ways where you dont need to purchase anything? :slight_smile:

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You can use Air Link, the steam version of HereSphere (free demo version) and script player. Zero cost


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