Easy video loop creation tool

Based on my merge/split tool, I made a more user-friendly program to create a loop of a specified length from a loopable video.

You pick a video with a funscript, set the final length, review the settings and click start. Speed can increase with time, but that’s optional.

Source is included. As are some bugs - probably.


nice. got a repo? i kinda want to add an A→B loop option (yeah i see the source code folder)

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No repo yet.

But I think you can easily do what you want with my other merge tool.

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Thank you for making this. This is exactly what I need (and I was using your other tool to do this before). However after trying this on multiple videos, it just doesn’t seem to work at all. The looped videos this creates just start jittering after the first speed increase happens, like you’re fast forwarding on a VCR. And then it just breaks and the video file doesn’t continue to play. Would it help you if I uploaded a few of my failed attempts or is this known to not work anymore? I used the settings as you have them in the screenshot.

Oh, also had that bug and fixed it. But I thought I messed it up after the upload.

Anyway, I just uploaded a new version. Should work as intended now.

Also added an option to remove actions that are way too fast.

edit ok after running into that issue again, I REALLY fixed it now.
Problem is/was, that the normal speed video is not preprocessed before merging and could not be merged with the speed scaled versions sometimes.
Anyway, it has a checkbox now. Should fix the issue.

Great tool. Thank you overkeks!
Do you think you could expand upon the speed change options? It woud be great if the speed could not only be increased but also decreased at set intervals. Maybe consider adding ranges for the speed increase/decrease and interval to make everything a bit more random?