Editing funscripts and videos

Hi, so I had a question about editing funscripts/copying and pasting part of the script into a new edited video. (I use OFS)

So in my situation, I have a 10 minute video that is fully scripted but, now I want to edit that video down to around 5 minutes. Which also means I have to edit that script to match the 5 minute video. My question is how would I go about copying and pasting parts of my 10 minute funscript to my 5 minute video so it would match without having to script the whole thing again? Thanks for any help I can get!

(I’ve tried opening 2 OFS windows together and copying and pasting between them but that doesn’t work.)

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Go to Project → Add… → Add existing

Then add the script of the 10 minute video, go to the section that you need to copy over. Mark the strokes you need to copy over, press ctrl + c, click on the field down below where the new script is, and paste them in with ctrl + v.

A bit hard to explain, but I hope it’s understandable.


Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

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You can do all of this with Funscript&Video Merger/Splitter.

Scroll down to the end of the comments and there’s a link to a post with a step by step tutorial. For me it was extremely intimidating at first, but once I followed the tutorial it was no longer confusing.

@Slibowitz You should include this in your tutorial series. I would love to learn more OFS tips and tricks that might make it easier to tweak/edit scripts and make compilations.

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