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Emojis in topics

I see an increase on emojis in the topic title in the free scripts section. At first, the emojis were only there to distinguish the providers in the topics of paid scripts. I think that’s a good idea to keep an overview at this section. I don’t have a problem with emojis on special weeks or days like christmas, helloween or whatever in the free scripts category. But if everybody use them like they want in any position in the topic, this forum will looks like a clown massacre crime scene in future. I understand that some people want to pop out of the posting mass, but if everybody do it, there ist no overview at all.

Can we please establish a few rules about this?
Emojis only on a few special days/weeks at the beginning of the topic?

BTW… I am totally okay, not to use an emoji in free section, for my gumroad free script posts.

Personally, I only used emojis for a couple of scripts posted for the holiday season (that I can remember of). However, I don’t mind skipping those in the future if the community/moderators prefer that. I agree that if too many start using those arbitrarily it will clutter the topic overview.


I am against a rule for emojis in topics. You can only use one emoji anyway and I don’t think it clutters the section in any way. I think it’s a way to personalize your script presentation and a rule like that would limit that freedom.

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I was sure you are against such a rule, because of your :jp: flags in your latest posts :sweat_smile:

Yes, of course. I think everybody should be able to freely customize their topics how they want. The board itself already gives a limitation and I think that’s enough. If we start making small rules like that, it will be more likely more small rules like this will follow. Next will be “Don’t post too many previews in your posts. One gif is enough.” And so on.

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Thats not a small rule. It is necessary to keep an overview. Creators can custom their posts like they want and nobody cares because it is not a overview (main) site that you have to visit. Main sites needs structure that comes with rules else the user experience is bad and the user interface is confusing. Think about what would happen if emojis would be allowed at reddit r/ section :exploding_head:. The ban on inserting emojis in topics does not cut anyone’s creativity.

Please don’t take it offense, thats not my intention. I just want to make my point clear.

As an example, your included :jp: in topics has no heavy added value and/or posts that doesn’t have a country-specific topic has the absolute disadvantage here. What should a creator of a joi video with brookeylne briar use as an emoji? Why that creator should not pop out like your topic with the flag? What is the added value of a :smiley: in a Cock Hero video topic? Or a :tada: in a VR video topic?

Eroscripts has a big tag collection, thats enough.

I’ve scrolled through around 300 old posts and nearly only holiday and paid site topics has emojis included, around 10-20 threads. Why start it know?

Even if we say, emoji are super nice and necessary. When you place an emoji at the end or somewhere in the middle of an topic it is just visually exhausting and confusing.

I don’t think any rule against emojis in the topic title is necessary at this point, but I do think using relevant emojis makes sense. Like holiday emojis for holiday themed vids, or a flag for a vid from a certain country.

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Mark every video from usa with :us:, from russia with :ru:, from germany with :de: or what’s on your mind?

Yeah that kind of thing, mostly to show nationality or language maybe.

I guess the Japanese flag is a bit special since there is an entire JAV-category of porn.

I personally hope people don’t start using flags just because the studio operates in a specific country or region (US, EU, etc.) or because a particular girl happens to be from a specific country. However, if the video is a JOI video and the girl only speak German then there can be a value with a German flag.

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I think you poked the bear by starting this thread :wink:


  1. There is already a rule. One emoji per titel.
  2. That’s very individuell. My user experience doesn’t suffer, because there is one emoji in the title.
  3. It’s not confusing for me. It may be for you. But you shouldn’t point it as a fact.

Reddit is a giant platform with millions of users. Some subreddits have over 100.000 active members. You can’t compare reddit to this forum. What makes sense for reddit, doens’t automatically makes sense for this forum.

It cuts my creativity. So it does cut at least one persons creativity.

Everybody is able to make one emoji per topic title. Everybody can get creative and choose one of the emojis for their topics if they want. Just because I am able to have a fitting emote for my threads, doesn’t mean, that others have disadvantages. Firstly these scripts are free, secondly the category is already niche and thirdly this isn’t a contest of who gets the most views.
The value it adds is, that I have the freedom of choice, to present my scripts the way I want. And everybody is also free do to so.

And because of these few posts we need to ban emojis completely from titles? That doesn’t make any sense. Emojis doesn’t get used in titles anyway. There is absolutely no reason for a rule like that.

I’d agree if a title would like this:
:exclamation: :heart: :call_me_hand:t2: Extremely hot chick :peach: rides till explosion :fire: :thermometer: :heart: :call_me_hand:t2:

But they don’t, because there can only be one emoji.


Yes right it is my opionion, but also a fact. It is a design rule from media design. So that basic design structures are followed to make it suitable for the general public, not just for a personal taste.

The trend is increasing. You have to address problems before they escalate. Not after that.

I have a solution if no rule comes. I’ll use an firefox addon (FoxReplace) to remove the emojis. I was thinking more about the community.

I’m withdrawing myself from this discussion for a while now.

*** Moved topic into Site Feedback section ***

Question, not really emoji related. Is it possible to add a tag for 2d? Or non vr content? Just so its easier to search strictly non vr stuff. Not that theres anything wrong with it. Its just hard to search for jav stuff sometimes where previously. Jav scripts were mostly vr. Granted, japanese made it easier to identify by adding vr on their codes but it would help a lot

You can exclude tags from search. I made a little post about it a while back:

Actually I don’t agree with this post statement. The paid scripts are already distinguished by the separate category. I don’t see a reason why others can’t bring attention to their posts too. In the end it’s the only thing that free scripters can count on.

Yea, I don’t really agree either.

Not quite sure what r/ section you’re referring to. I opened my home page and there were two posts right at the top with emoji’s in them.

You’re inherently reducing creativity by lowering the number of possible characters a creator can use to express themselves.

Agreed. If the titles were filled with emojis, I’d have a problem but seeing as they’re limited to just one, I think thats totally fine.

Not necessarily. I spend a lot of time in various corners of the internet where emojis are totally normal to include in a comment/statement, either just for fun or to convey a specific idea/felling/thought. Even my friends use emojis in normal texting. Since I’m used to seeing them everywhere, seeing a single emoji doesn’t bother me or hinder my ability to understand what is being said.

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