Eroscripts is leaking

All right, which one of you weirdos did this?


@qweer This is what the blowjob battle is REALLY for, isn’t it?


I see the hearing protecting ear muffs, makes me wonder just how much noise that contraption makes. I can see the posts in our forum now:
New User: “Hey, thinking of getting the new BJ-Bot-9000, how much noise does that make, will my roommates notice it”.

Seasoned User: “It makes the same amount of noise as an industrial bailer, folks within a 300 foot radius will always know when you use it.”


LMAO but it’s nice! Now we only need an AI like ChatGpt to go with it. Of course fully voice control interactive.

Porn promotes technology :smile:


Not 110 hours… 109!

this blowjob AI hit the market some time ago, almost ended up with one instead of a Rubjoy to bad neither technology advanced further.

I am thinking this part is new

wonder if the osr6 can handle a LOAD like this :sunny:

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Well that looks just like a great time. Get two of your buddies together and have a super awkward jackin’ sesh. I think they call that move “The Three Spooges”…


lol somebody was always gunna come up with a way to stick his dick in AI

I think after 109 hours your dick just falls off.

I mean, creating an AI that makes funscripts isn’t really hard, just drop a fuckton of scripts into a machine learning generative network and make it make new scripts. With a bit of python and scripts it should be relatively easy to do.

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ME and @TheLandOfInfiniteFun

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The device he is holding is the autoblow AI, and while normaly saying it sucks is a good thing, it in this case is not.

Its stroking power is weak, its AI is not even AI. Its a pattern randomizer with some static patterns, and for its task its very expensive. Even its fastest speed is basicly putting the handy at about 30% stroke length at 20% of its max speed. And that while being the same in noise levels compared to a max speed handy.

109 of oral sex analized is quite a statement here… as even a beginner is already better by actualy sucking, and using the hand for additional motion. I realy wonder what they analyzed to get such bad result.

The only thing they have better is the ‘edge’ button. The handy does not feature such pause button.

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Highly agree