Erostek recently released their new version of the et 312 estim box

if I had the money I’d buy one right now lol

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Holy shit, stereo stim 312 release in 2023?

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yep im glad they actually did it i thought they’d never do it sadly by the time i have enough for one its gonna probably be out of stock like the old one lol

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They are already sold out.


Thanks for trying to get us in the door before that happened.

Crap products break down after 3 months and have no warranty.

Not impressed personally, i had an et312 but it was clunky and never compatible with the wireless connections available at that itime - even when it was bought new. The idea that a bluetooth connection is extra, well baffling really… That price is also something of a turn off when one considers the opposition discussed here and their proven quality / performance record for devices at little as 10% of their asking price… Personally e-stim systems 2b or the coyote boxes are the go-to’s. And yes - i have an e-stim setup for a handy, one can buy conductive stretchy silicone tube or there are a few e-stim strokers also i believe.

for half the price id get the micro312 from a forum seller on discord.

oof lmao sold out already

i have the smaller device known as the et232 and ive used it for years with no issues

hmm well ive only ever had the 232 so idk anything about that device or the new one and yeah the price is why i didnt buy the old one. and at that time it was only 500. ive tried the 2b and i own one and i really don’t like it. it seems really crappy compared to the 232 for the audio stim i do. phase modulated funscript audio. the way that device feels is not pleasurable at all to me compared to the 232 tbh. the coyote boxes i’ve never heard of though. maybe i should look at one of those

The reason hardcore stimmers are glad to pay the full price of 312 is that Erostek is essentially the only company whose power boxes emit balanced bipolar waveforms. Imbalanced waveforms is the primary cause of numbness sometimes associated with stimming. Yes, the box doesn’t have great digital connectivity, but neither does any other box except DG, since everyone is used to working through audio inputs.

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i get numbness with both the 2b and the 232 but admittedly alot less with the 232 which makes sense. in terms of which one i prefer i like the 232 more because of its simplicity and it works well with audio whereas the 2b its audio feature is shit because of how it handles it or interprets the audio. its not very good and when i have the money and its in stock im probably gonna buy that box too lmao

$799 is quite a high price, but thats really interesting that to knowhow much guys still want them and how much of a difference these ‘balanced bipolar waveforms’ seem to make

Are imbalanced waveforms essentially unavoidable with all other estim devices (like the DG Coyote)? Are there other ways one can prevent or minimize any potential numbness?

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I haven’t heard of anyone except Erostek, and their high-end clones, that would design boxes with balanced waveforms in mind. Numbness can have multiple causes, but the sort caused by imbalance in waveforms correlates with power setting and stimming time. You can learn your limits and minimze the odds of it, similar to how people don’t expect to last 1-hour funscripts at 400+ average speed.

Why other companies don’t make them like that is a good question, but i think the answer is cost. We’ll see when power box goes on sale. If it will have balanced waveforms at $260, then it’s a skill issue for everyone else.

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The 2b is absolutely terrible at scripts and terrible at a lot of the Milovana content. I had one under the first firmware edition. I tried to get it updated through their site, and was told that since I didn’t buy it from them directly - just one of their US distributors (happystim-usa) - I was likely part of a firmware piracy problem. WTH?

Overpriced TENS box is what it is, and it was never designed for stim waveforms, it was made for processing music audio. Service was terrible, support was fucking insulting. I resold it after about 6 months use, pretty much the DAY AFTER trying a basic DIY stereo box. Night and day difference.

I don’t have experience with the DG. I was in early with BT Stim and have a unit, from before the builder had his problems. No signal processors, no firmware, just a fancier version of a DIY box for folks like me without the skills. For funscript conversions, Milovana teases, and all the stim files available, the DIY stereo units > * and that seems to be the consensus of the community aside from one very prolific poster in the estim subreddit.

If ET can reboot with a system that doesn’t filter, limit, or process signal, using balanced waveforms, it’s well worth the dosh.


Seems un-necessarily negative. Firstly you can get the firmware updates from their website for free, i applied a few. It is 100% designed for e-stim, the clue is in the name of the company…

I wont support or diss the products themselves too much, to each their own , i found the 2b ok, but i didnt do much straight audio, but the dg coyote is a much better experience overall and of course you cant beat the price - imho - but talmost nothing is perfect, imho the et312 was a disaster area in terms of connectivity unless you and your antiquated hardware are into rs232 and its ease of use/control was poor, and i would have to add an electronics engineer who had to fix it said the componentry was not quality. The battery also died within 24 months.

I also had a 232 and it was a good item!

If the new 312 is better then great, but it would have to be wonderful indeed to outdo the coyote’s abilities at 80us… I will not be a taker at their asking price. At a time when all sane hardware manufacture is subbed in asia, i am guessing the 312 is still us made, which could be a reason for its price, but while there has to be a profit i’m pretty sure its excessive considering development/materials unless the plan is they only sell a handfull.

yeah you know what fuck them i’m gonna send u the shit u need from the flash drive they give u so u can update ur device.

regardless even after i updated the 2b with said software from their site which i included btw its in 2 parts 2.126Bpart1 and 2.126Bpart2 which u can look up how to install on their site

but even after doing this while it was better with advanced stereo. its still not that great

heres the link to the files on the flash drive i was given when i bought the device from erostech who did include one. now if u do have the cable link u can update it. i really doubt they have any piracy protection lol

idk what the other stuff ur talking about is but despite the price i know that at least the 232 device is alot better than the 2b in terms of how it handles audio. its alot more pleasant feeling. until u ramp the power up if you do it quickly. whereas 2b feels like pain the enitre way nearly lol.

no actually u cant u need the flash drive they send otherwise u cant get the programs you need to update the device even if they provide those updates online

then again u also need the link cable which also comes with the device and the flash drive but if u didnt get the flash drive its 70 bucks for it. which is bullshit

Sorry, thats only partially true, same as the et312, you have to buy a connection solution if you want to connect it to a pc/laptop, except the e-stim systems connection works, as a device control function too, never had much luck with the 312, clunky but then the et312 device was an rs232A to usb converter - then for the 2B you simply put the update file on the hard drive of your laptop and tell the software where it is.

Bluetooth solutions came later i guess.

Worryingly i see the new 312 also still needs an ‘eroslink’ hardware and software option and when i look at the required cable, it is still rs232! So their latest 2023 product uses a connection technology that has been obsolete for a decade and has been deleted from modern hardware for not much less? Can this be permissible in a modern ‘premium’ product?

The coyote’s ios/android apps, scripting and bluetooth make them both look somewhat dated.