Extending script

Hi there!
Can someone tell me what’s the easiest way to loop a script? I mean like playing it 10 times without stopping.

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Thats the script I want to loop:
MrCandyMan - Angel Youngs Bouncing to the Beat.funscript (24.8 KB)

Download openfunscripter (OFS) , the script and the video you want to use with it

  • give the video and script the same name
  • rightclick the funscript and select " Open with… " and pick OFS
  • OFS should now display both the video and funscript.
  • click and drag over the entire script to select, press ctrl+c
  • click on the very last point of the funscript
  • press ctrl+v to copy-paste your selection as many times as you want.

Obviously don’t forget to loop the video with any video editing software of your choice.

I don’t know of any other ways, sadly

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i dont normally bother since i dont have any scripts under a minute but for some very short scripted videos this might be a good idea

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Thanks for help guys :slight_smile:

You may use this website tool to easily loop videos, if you prefer

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