Extending sessions before orgasm

Can you please tell me how to prolong the session before orgasm, I cum too fast ? I’ve used silicone erection rings that tear pretty quickly and a lasso made of the same material with two loops to tighten the penis and balls. The problem is the same they tear quickly. Do you have any tips for me ?

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Stuff that (kinda) works for me:

  • Slowing down video + script
    I use heresphere (VR) and depending on material and arousal I alter the speed somewhere in the range of 0.7-1

  • Delay spray/creme
    can’t say the ones I’ve tested did a ton for me but your mileage may vary

  • Experimenting with different sleeves and determining which ones are best to get you close but not over the edge

  • Healthy lifestyle
    kind of a boring answer but healthy eating habits and working out can do a lot

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As far as I know “silicone erection rings” and the like are meant to maintain erections and don’t do much for delaying orgasm.
If they are tearing, I have to wonder if you’re even using them correctly. Are you using them to constrict your penis and balls to keep semen from coming out? If so, yikes–thats dangerous. And it won’t stop the orgasm.

As suggested above, you can slow down the video using tools like heresphere, and there are many different methods you can use for this. Personally I use funscript.io which has a funscript halver which cuts the intensity down a lot, for super fast like fully red scripts, sometimes I even halve it twice lol.

The other trick is to reduce the stroke legnth which can be done directly from the handy by holding the up and down buttons. I like this more because its easier to change mid script and more granularity. Some players like SLR have an edge mode too where it reduces the stroke legnth when you hit a hotkey and can use that just before you feel like cumming.

Technique wise I used to read that its good to do kegel exercises which makes it easier to hold it. This may be true, IDK, but I used to try squeezing those muscles when I felt like cumming, and it worked, but I could only squeeze for so long and then lose control. I realized now if I just force myself to stay completely relaxed, no tension in any muscles, then I could actually last much much longer, I just keep getting the temptation to tense up which I have to mindfully override. Warming up with a slower scene also helps a lot to reduce the initial sensitivity.

OFC just stopping when you feel like its too much by hitting the big center button or just pulling out works quite well too, just a few seconds break and jump back in can help a lot.

Also sleeve makes a big difference too, I 3D printed a fleshlight adapter so I could experiment with different sleeves and I can use sleeves with less texture to help a lot.

Hope that helps!


Another option to consider is to wear a ball stretcher. It can often delay ejaculation. The Oxball Squeeze is a good one to start with if you dont want to explore the hardcore steel route.

The rings won’t really help you last longer- they may add a feeling of discomfort which could be used to last longer, but honestly, you shouldn’t leave them on too long (think 20-30 mins is recommended max). Delaying ejaculation comes down to being in tune with your body and controlling the muscles which tighten up and drive it. Learning to control your orgasm beyond just desensitizing yourself takes consistent work and self-control (prostate and pelvic muscle control, awareness of breathing and controlling it). All that said, I think the easiest way to have a longer session is to have an orgasm earlier in the day. I think it’s super common for mens’ first orgasm to come fairly quickly and the subsequent ones taking longer.

The speed limiter in MFP is my favorite feature ever. I have it mapped to a hot key on a small remote control.

Some tricks I found helpful:

Also, pause and take a break when you feel you are about to reach climax (edging). But don’t ruin it for yourself if you are already cumming. Not good for health.