Fans of VRLatina, please partcipate in my future script selection!

Hello everyone in the EroScripts community,

I have recently taken a break from scripting but I am now back and will be scripting for SLR now. It is a goal of mine to script as many beautiful, thick, fat asses that I can…and nothing makes me happier than seeing a beautiful Latina in VR. Which is why VR Latina is a personal favorite of mine.

I have seen a lot of videos on SLR have now been “AI” scripted but I am still a firm believer in delivering high quality scripts by a human, not a computer.

Below is a list of my top 5 favorite videos that I would like to get started on, if any of these are your favorites or you would like to see them scripted by a human please vote so I can get started on one that the people would like to see scripted!

If there is a scene that you would like to see scripted that is not listed in my poll (VR Latina or not…but please keep in mind my favorite ASSests), please feel free to DM me and we can talk about it!

Thank you everyone!

  • Bianca Still - Fully Stacked Latina
  • Pris Angel - Satisfy My Desires
  • Whitney Kelis - Back For More
  • Gaby Gomez - My First Anal
  • Amy Amor - My Curvy Latina
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If possible, could you please include some video links in future polls?

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Fully Stacked Latina - VRLatina | SexLikeReal SLR AI script available
My Curvy Latina - Busty Latina Teen Rides your Dick in HD VR
Back For More - Exotic Latina with Curly Hair VR Porn SLR AI script available
My First Anal - Sexy Latina Teen Amateur | SexLikeReal
Satisfy My Desires - VRLatina - VR Porn Video | SexLikeReal SLR AI script available

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Welcome back Rusty. Would you consider something with Alejandra Zapata?


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I’ve got the bianca still script underway as well if you haven’t started it already! / if that changes your mind

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Awesome, thanks for the heads up. I’m looking forward to it!

Definitely not opposed to it