Fantia Blocking Europe IP


Fantia is now available without VPN again.


Alright, apparently Fantia's blocking a lot of countries? VPN:ing to the US and Japan works

People are speculating EU's Digital Services Act package are to blame for Fantia's ban of users in the EU

Fantia is actually so trash it’s ridiculous. So if I have active subscriptions (I’d hope they ended those at the end of the month since they banned people on the 1st) or content I’d like to access it’s just a “thanks for the money (that you already struggled to give us), fuck you, don’t come again”.

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you can still get it if you VPN to those locations. the main problem is that it’s slow af if it’s a free vpn.

“If a commercial service is free, you are the product.”

Please consider this if using free VPN while browsing porn. Everything you do is most likely monitored.

Does this affects the UK? Would be funny if it doesn’t…

I wonder too as I heard that the UK was fighting back against being tied to EU’s stuff during their Brexit deal nonsense so maybe does, maybe doesn’t…someone would have to check. (My guess is no of them doing the act package)

The UK has its own legislation, the Online Safety Bill, that does similar stuff.

Update: Fantia is now available without VPN again (in Sweden at least).

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I guess only the UK will be affected? But still the same shit… block your access and then 4 days later tell you to block your payment plans.

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