Fap Hero Beatbar Tutorials

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I’ve seen Bastati’s Fap Hero Tutorial mentioned multiple times online but it was difficult to find a valid link to get to it. Problems such as invalid download links were my experience with trying to find it, and eventually a generous person hit me up with it.

Now Bastati’s Fap Hero Tutorial, along with the Simple Beatbar Tutorial from Quantoz, is up on HMV Mania. You can see them on the Tutorials Page: Tutorials - HMV Mania

Download links also are provided on the Tutorials page. Bastati had .wav audio files that supplemented the video tutorials for beatmapping and the beatbar.

If any of the mediafire links on the Tutorials page are down, please let me know so I can reupload them with HMV Mania download links instead.

Simple Beatbar Tutorial is one 16 minute video:

Bastati has a “Lazy tutorial” for making fast loops with hentai.

And then Bastati’s Fap Hero Basics Tutorial consists of 5 minute parts, with a Part 6 for Loops.

  1. Getting started (Intro)
  2. Making the beats
  3. Making the beat bar
  4. Trimming
  5. Editing
  6. Loops

An update related to these tutorials: Originally, the downloads for the videos and tutorial files were on an external site (mediafire) but our neighbor cringe decided to take them down with his false DMCA tactics.

All six individual video parts for Bastati’s Fap Hero tutorial, along with the lazy tutorial, are available.

It’s important to note that there are also sound files for Parts 2 and 3 about beatmapping and the beatbar, which you can get here.

Of course, you can also find these links on the tutorials page.