Fap Hero x DDR crossover

Not sure how many of you have played Stepmania (basically open source version of DDR that can be installed on Desktop). I’ve been looking at putting together a song pack of HMV creators, some having funscripts (e.g. It Went).

Technically these are designed to be played on a dance pad, although spending hundreds to either build or purchase + ship a metal pad isn’t reasonable/practical for a lot of people. Also considering the extra space needed for something that large. Feel free to try these on a keyboard when the pack gets released in the future!

What would be interesting is funscript + stepchart alongside each other.

Below I’ve linked some RedGIFs previews of these stepcharts as I make progress:

[AlphaSigma] Valkyrie Assault
SYUNN - Valkyrie Assault

[Bastati] Era Round 4
S3RL - Safe Sex

[Faptastic_kingdom] Fap-Hero-KaWaiI
Kobaryo feat. Srezcat - KaWaiI

[ivory2] Blackout
Getty - Blackout

[Martoise] Marcurial Reward
hurce - Multibody Transplant

[Moosashi] Full Breasted Sisters
Fedde Le Grand and Ida Corr - Let Me Think About It (Celebration Mix)

[mya] It Went
S3RL feat Tamika - It Went

[Towa] Arcana
Maozon - Arcana


Hear me out… What if you secure the handy with a belt and dance on the dance pad at the same time?

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Don’t know why I didn’t think of this haha. I’d be interested in making a script for something that has a simfile

@alphasigma check this out

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The subreddit linked in that thread is banned.

I did see this though:

The problem with automatically generated charts is that the program doesn’t have a sense of what direction the player is facing, what types of patterns work, etc. It places notes but probably isn’t something a stepcharter wants. A person charting in Stepmania also gets to have their creative thoughts put into it rather than automatic generation.

Edit: Looks like there’s the opposite direction (inputting the .sm file). That’s worth a look. I do have Python and ffmpeg installed.

You dont need the PMV generator, AutoPMV

Try Beats2Fun

Download Songs from https://search.stepmaniaonline.net/

Input .sm files

Some tipps of mine with the Beats2Fun.exe

The videos that youre adding shouldnt be shorter than 00:22 seconds
otherwise Beats2Fun shows an ERROR or cant find the video

The .SM file song that u choose shouldnt be longer than 10 minutes
otherwise Beats2Fun shows an ERROR

I was more of playing the pump it up even for a few years I used a platform made by me in wood and an old keyboard.

Would it be interesting to make a combination with syncro between step mania and EDI? I’m sure someone could come up with some interesting new gameplay!

Check the handy Belt project in handy discord or thingverse. there are some 3d printable models to attach the handy to the body

With respect to Beats2Fun: So I’m a bit confused as to how this works. I see the GUI but I have a background video in the .sm file already:

99999=-nosongbg-=1.000=0=0=0 // don't automatically add -songbackground-

Why would I be prompted to add a video when it’s already specified as the background?

Also @dimnogro I’m not sure what engine Pump It Up uses (The 5 panel singles/10 panel doubles one). I know Andamiro originally created it but is there an open source version of the game? For DDR the open source engine is Stepmania (for simplicity I’m leaving out Project Outfox, Etterna, ITGMania).

Specified as the background?

U add 2 things.

  1. Videos 2. Music (.sm file with mp3 music)