FapTap criticism

And another project uploading other peoples work without asking or giving any credit (even to the actor!). :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I am pretty sure that two of the Scripts you have on you website are one of mine, or you scripted it very fricken close to the one i made. :face_with_monocle:

Just ask! Most Scripters will even give you permission! But uploading the Work others created without asking and/or giving credit is just… shitty

@achtstellige @Slibowitz @mADsCRIPTS @scrounger @RustySchaklefurd @Princeslave @Mument2000 @lewd_animator @qweer @oninja19192 and others: Sorry for the Ping, are you aware of this?

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I’m not sure exactly what is going on, could you enlighten me please?

chris1337 is creating a website uploading Scripts others have created (i pinged 10 creators i could find on his website) not giving any credit to the scriptcreator or the Actor. I dont know if you are fine with that, or if you dont realy care, i just thought you should know. :wink: I know from the “Problem” we had with bukkake.moe that some creators dont realy like what he is doing. :wink:

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Thanks for the heads up, I appreciate it

@chris1337 I cannot speak for the other creators, but I do not mind that my work is on your website (if it truly is, I have not personally verified). Although I do personally feel like you should at the bare minimum give credit to them for their work. It’s no small task to create quality funscripts, and to rebrand someone else’s work as your own is extremely poor form.


^^ THIS ^^

@chris1337 - I second Rusty’s sentiments. TBH, I’d be perfectly fine with it had I been asked and at a bare minimum a link was provided back to my script index here on ES. But seriously… nothing? That’s really not a good look.

But if at any time faptap were to turn into a pay site (funded by either donations, subscription, or any other manner) and my work is hosted without my permission, that’s going to be irritating.

Would you mind taking a second to address this line of concern? Thanks!

@sobolsdaemon1 - Good looking out!

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@achtstellige @RustySchaklefurd @sobolsdaemon1

This feature will be implemented soon. The site is still in ALPHA, so it’s mostly a work in progress (things are changing daily). The videos on the website are currently a proof of concept for testing [1].

Expect an update which adresses this problem within the coming days.

[1] for testing devices, different streaming providers, performance, etc.

Thanks for the response- I look forward to seeing these concerns addressed.

While I understand that the site is still in Alpha, I feel that a simple direct message via ES would have gone a long way towards ameliorating any concerns that creators might have when it comes to finding their content hosted without their knowledge or consent. As a creator yourself, I’m sure you’d feel the same thing if you were browsing a repo and found some of your source code attached to someone else’s project.

As an aside, the site looks great. Very clean and well laid out. I’m excited to see where you take it from here.



As achtstellige has already said, a simple PM would have been absolutely appropriate in my eyes, even for a proof-of-concept/alpha. As I said before, you can assume that most creators will easily give you permission to upload their scripts, but I don’t think it’s good to just do it (even in an alpha).
Achtstellige´s comparison is good. You wouldn’t like it either if someone just copied your website 1:1.
In case you don’t know: Both the creation of such videos (actors) and the scripting takes a long time and is quite complex if the result is to be good. Even as an Alpha, you are essentially committing “intellectual property theft.” I know intellectual property no longer exists in the internet age, and i dont want to open that old discussion again, but still… Just not good sportsmanship.

I will keep an eye on the Project. I hope you/the project do as well as Bukkake.moe.


And for a little bit of light reading before bed: Just take a Read through this. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You got me wrong. :wink: I dont want you to do anything. I just wanted to inform you, that somone is “stealing” YOUR Script.

chris1337 is creating a website uploading Scripts others have created (i pinged 10 creators i could find on his website) not giving any credit to the scriptcreator or the Actor. I dont know if you are fine with that, or if you dont realy care, i just thought you should know. :wink: I know from the “Problem” we had with bukkake.moe that some creators dont realy like what he is doing. :wink:


JFC… I never heard about this one.

ops missundestood, sorry

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yeah. Was quite a chunk. But bukkake.moe has come a long way since then. I would even consider it the best free provider in this area right now.

@chris1337 maybe you want to write @basicgirl . :wink: She can definitely give you some really good tips. :wink:


Yeah, found a handful of mine on there as well. I’m still on the fence re: how I feel about it.

Thx for the info @sobolsdaemon1!

Again the same shit. Don’t ask creators to use their stuff… don’t think about copyrights… about the impact to eroscripts. Just make something… I am so happy, that the most developers here are not working like that.

@chris1337 take all my scripts down immediately. And never do it again.


Dude, wtf… I linked to bukkake.moe and pointed out that there were problems with the advice that he should look into it. I’m guessing by the traffic this post has gotten since then that it went ignored. I don’t get why people keep doing this to you guys.

The main take-away I had with creating bukkake was that at the end of the day people will still prefer EroScripts over anything else/

Also talking to the community and implementing ways to make sure scripters/video makers got credit, e.g adding a 5 second preview if the video is hosted on PornHub so that the video author gets a view.
(while I’m not posting on ero I’m still active, I’m very active on my discord though)

Some users just use bukkake to test scripts then download from Ero (which I never wanted to appear as a competitor or anything of that matter to ero).

I’m interested to see the route this project takes.

I’m disappointed that the focus of this thread has been taken over by the topic of crediting script creators.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. It is completely hypocritical that we literally share videos via MEGA amongst ourselves, link to rips and reuploads on sites like Spankbang and Pornhub, and share compilations in which the studios and actors involved don’t get a cent. Yet we expect the scripts we make to accompany these videos not to be proliferated in the same exact way. I’d bet my house that 99% of scripters have not paid for the videos they are scripting. Feels an awful lot like rules for thee and not for me.

I’m not saying chris1337 shouldn’t have credited the scripters or messaged them directly. It seems like we all agree that’s the polite thing to do here on Eroscripts. But honestly, I can tell you I personally was really surprised when I found out some people are really protective over their scripts. I don’t think it’s fair of us to expect people to know that.

I feel we should celebrate people who dedicate a significant amount of time and work (building a site like this is not easy) to contribute ways for us to enjoy this hobby. The point has been made.

Thank you chris1337 for sharing. Hopefully you can easily add credits and this topic yields only a minor speedbump in your project.


Sorry friend. I didnt want to ignore you. :joy: I saw your Post and tbh it was the only reason i checked the Website for Scripts i could know. After that i… Forgot your Post. Call it “Heat of the Battle” or “i am getting old and forgetfull” :stuck_out_tongue:.

Yes, you are (at least partially) right. As i Said, i also think, that “intellectual Property” i Something that ist dead. I myself recut Videos without asking the Artist for permission. I know that this is … borderline illegal. But i Always Credit the Artist and Link to the original Post, If i can find one. It doesnt make it all right, but i think it makes it “better (?)”. But as i also said, i dont really want to Open that discussion up again, as it will not lead to anything. :sweat_smile:

And i think that ist exactly the right way! As i Said, bukkake.moe has come a really Long way!

Thats the Reaktion i wanted to warn Chris about. I think most scripters would Not have a Problem If they get asked, but you will really get people angry If you just reup it.

Tldr: still hoping the Project grows and get’s better.