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Pls contiue to be ignorant and arogant af:

I really like that! (irone detected)

Burningshroom answered that to my full satisfaction. Why should i rewite everything he wrote? I even gave his comment a “like” to show that it was good. Guessing you did not see that.

No, i do not mean Mega, i mean faptap and Bukkake.moe. Yes you dont host the video. I have no credit on the video, so i dont give a f about the video. I have credit on the Script, and you host that. (Or did you find a way to stream the Script from ES and dont have the file on your Server?)

Something that really grinds my gears (although that might be silly): You use the material that others have created and don’t even have the decency to give the creators feedback or a like. You obviously select the videos by hand, so you have to at least partially watch them and test the associated script. I don’t think you watch every video and script in its entirety, but you probably check before you upload it. Why can’t you hit the little gray heart and maybe even leave a comment? (Yes, that may seem ridiculous, but we already get little feedback on the scripts, so as someone who uses the scripts for yourself, you should give feedback. Because I haven’t found a way to give feedback on your website yet? Guessing thats on the Todolist as well.)

So what? If i take you website, create a clone and say “i will edit it later” does that change the fakt i “stole” your website? Dont think so. I know how much time creating and updating a database takes. I am responsable for a Database with far more than 2mio entrys at work. Thats why i have a “admin”-Version and a “Live”-Version. My users will never see the “admin”-Version and i can try everythin i like and edit everythin without my users having a clue whats going on in the Background. If i want to test anything that my users see i ask/inform them BEFORE i edit the “Live”-version.

Do i want you to use my content, or do you want to use my content?

I really had hope for you project, but with this:

You have shown me how much you care about others and how arogant you are. I will not go the madscripts-way as of right now and request you to remove my content from you website, but i hope for you to start understanding what i am trying to say.

I have the feeling you start to understand:

And will keep an eye on this project. But pls stop being so arogant! If you did not recognize yet: Your website depends an the Scripters.

I prefer keeping my scripts and videos locally (especially since the Great Purge) and like the flexibility this offers me, but I realise I may be in the minority here. I value the posts/descriptions added by script authors and the “open-source/pioneering” vibe of the scripting community and I would hate to see that go away.

In my opinion the authors need to specify how and where their works can be used. Every funscript already has a license attribute which is usually left empty or set to “free”. Authors could choose to point to an existing license (MIT,GPL,etc) or perhaps the scripting community could come up with/publish its own standardised family of licenses (perhaps on github) that scripts can refer to. It should be easy for site-owners to determine what is and is not permitted by the script author.

The funscript format itself could be extended with additional metadata attributes to improve the visibility of authors work; such as a link to their website/patreon or a base64 encoded splash-screen image to be shown before or after the video. The license could include specifications with regard to how these attributes must be used and presented on sites that show their work.

If implemented the above should be standardised and recognized and applied consistently by the community as a whole so its automatable and easy for site-owners to act on the information.

That exists already in OFS, but how many users check metadata? I mean we’re already talking about a much lower bar of clicking a link to the source page and a more accessible solution has already been brought up.

The splash is a neat idea. However, if that sort of thing causes any sort of issue in playback, I’m convinced at this point Chris would do what he can to circumvent it instead of finding an ethical solution.

Easy, ethical solutions have been provided to him that have been ignored. I don’t know what his goals are at this point. It’s obvious and he has admitted to manually curating the content so there’s no excuse not to, as a bare minimum, name the creator in the funscript link.

EDIT: What’s frustrating here is that he also isn’t making money from his project and is trying to drive traffic there but acts like he doesn’t understand why script creators would want the same for themselves. It’s lunacy and self defeating. If he’s acting this way because he wants to be the sole proprietor of the de facto independent script provider, then he needs to cater to his content creators. Otherwise he’ll find all of his free content behind a paywall.


If you download Aloha Browser on the app store you can go full screen by holding down on the full screen button and tap the first option play and it should work from there. Hope this helps.

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wow never heard about this site or the other one ppl metioned bukkaue or something, but this is amazing and blew my mind and cock, it loads pretty quick and it pauses great for edging!

sucks that creators dont get the credit they deserve. you’d have no content to put up if they didnt script vids your site hosts

hopefully you and the creators who have issue can come to some understanding because you have a winner of an idea when it comes to the future of script based pornography for these toys, atleast at the casual enjoyer level. thats my 2cents wouldnt want to just let you leave it on the ground

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Content management system would be the best solution. However, for scripters who don’t care about their content on faptap (me included) it would be nice to have a small profile icon under the video, somewhere next to the performer/studio. When you click it, it could bring you to scripter’s profile on eroscripts. This way scripters can add links to e.g. portfolio / shop without the need of managing multiple accounts on multiple sites.

As for the “Funscript” link, maybe you could add a single-time pop-up that can bring new people to this post which explains what kind of community we are and how to access all content: About EroScripts [NEW USERS START HERE].

Something like: "You don’t see the script post? Read this first: … "

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User profiles, as well as script portfolios also return a generic “not found page”.

But a dialog instead of a direct link could certainly be implemented, additionally it would provide a much smoother UX, thank you.

Basically, you click on “Funscript” and a dialog opens. The dialog contains this information (idea):

  • "The original funscript is hosted on EroScripts. To be able to view the content, you need to register yourself […]. Click here (link to getting started thread) to get started.
  • Link to the EroScripts funscript thread.

This way it is very clear what the user has to do.

When implementing the CMS, I would just create pseudo-accounts for the scripters that don’t care/don’t want to mange the content themselves, add all scripts to this account and insert a link to their EroScripts profile (or whatever link is preferred). This way, would the scripter ever become interested, they could just request access.


Part of the problem is that he’s not hosting videos and the scripts are being hosted by him. He manually pulls the scripts from here then hosts them on his own site.
When he originally posted his site myself and others pointed out bukkake.moe which had a similar problem of credit attribution that was solved. He instead ignored that and most of the subsequent calls for attribution or consideration.

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If you use some kind of task tracking tool it may be helpful to share a screencap without anything sensitive/secret/surprise showing. Just as a dev I know all kinds of different people have their own wants/needs and prioritization of things.

It’s your project, and a side one at that. Nobody can truly say what or when to do things. Sharing what is on the list or in the pipeline would help to reassure people on things to be addressed. Put out little fires so you don’t have to put as much effort into chatter about it.

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This is my point of view.

The scripts I personally make are for myself, I only upload them here so others can use them and don’t really mind if people use them, change them or whatever.
I also believe that it is literally not hard to just add “created by: insert username here” in a description or goddamn anything. Even forget about just the fact of crediting the creator, but even from a user standpoint. When someone really likes a script (let’s say ahe’s script), they might be interested in clicking the link to see if there is more but as soon as they see they have to log in they will just decide it’s not worth it. They’re there for a quick and a nice fap, not to create an account on some board just to look for some scripts.

Wouldn’t it be so much simpler to just add who it was created by so the user can see who’s scripts they actually like so they can look for more scripts from said person? You solve two issues at the same time, the creator of the script gets credit (reasonable since you host the script), and the user can see who it was made by and they can instantly decide “oh, I don’t like this guys/girls scripts” or “I love this guys/girls scripts!”

That’s why I would suggest something like this:
o Just add a simple text somewhere that says “Script created by: insert user here
o When you have time (long term idea) make it so the user can click on the script creator’s name and look at all scripts they made (essentially sorting the videos by scripter, just like you currently do with categories)

I hope we can all come to an agreement one way or another.

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I already told him how to do just that and it’s so trivial to do in html that it’s truly perplexing as to why he hasn’t done it already.

I wonder…if the link to eroscript is in the video, doesn’t that count as recognition?

I mean eroscript is the only place where [creatorname] exists, why would anyone care about an script creator’s name if they dont have an account on this forum anyway.

btw cool down ur attitude towards chris, he basically set yall free from the crappy handyfeel interface.

I am not gonne answer that, as burningshrooms wrote enough about that. He even Made a nice lineup, What should be neccecary for ethical correct Credit.

It’s Not only about giving Credit, it’s also about His Attitude. It’s simply Not His choise to make, but the scripters choise.

I will certenly Not! We already have a really nice Platform Whose creator CONTACTED the Scripters and built it up WITH them. Also: i dont have a Problem with handyfeelen or Scriptplayer.

Oh, and Welcome to the Community Bobel. :stuck_out_tongue:

Handyfeeling.com really is the worst option. It’s not great in general, many videos just don’t work, and it’s only functional for the Handy.
There are several other options and Faptap isn’t even the only site with this specific functionality. He didn’t free anyone from anything. He made a decent site with a great UI and then neglected the content creators.

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What really beats me is how yall are bashing him for creating an excelent alternative to the tedious handy local video method, specially AS scripters, if anything he is giving you MORE exposure, as the link to your post is shown on the video page, You’re now able to catch traffic from sources you otherwise would have not.

Any traffic he is likely to get comes from this website until it gains some relevance/seo and it can turn to be the other way around.

Also you claiming he wants to be the sole owner of script providing is a little naive considering that, as you mention he isn’t making money off it. ( which he deserves and prolly will make because he is solving a problem that many people may have )

Why hasn’t anyone else provided this solution? what prevents him from not crediting anyone? Unethical you say… let alone he said he would be enhancing the authors creditting method as the task steps up on the to do list without him being obligated to do so

  1. If they have a one-stop shop, why would most users go anywhere else.
  2. I didn’t claim that. I said quite the opposite and posited that even if that were the case it still doesn’t make sense.
  3. Other people have provided that solution! Have you read anything except that one comment of mine? Damn dude… One of the first comments here (literally the second one in this thread) was me pointing out the other major website that does exactly this and originally had the same exact problem. In it I said,

it’s worth looking through the various posts that discuss the problems sites like this pose

If he would have read those and recognized the problems they would have been solved day 1.

I have as well pointed out just how easy of a fix this is. Those two aspects together pretty much invalidate all of the “It’s on my to-do list” comments. The guy isn’t doing the bare minimum necessary to respect the creators.

  1. He is obligated to do so, at least in the US. This is especially true since he isn’t accessing it as hosted elsewhere, he’s downloading it and hosting it himself. Without proper credits, that’s akin to claiming the material as your own.

So far the most he has down was pull down the materials specifically requested to be removed and even that was like pulling teeth and took a few weeks.


You can say exactly the same about credited performer / studio. Why would anyone care about it if you are there for a quick fap - just put a link to the pornhub, spankbang etc. Pfff, even forget the name of the video, the thumbnail should be enough for someone who “don’t care”.

I think that sorting by scripter can be a great addtion to the site, mostly because every scripter here has their unique style and script certain type of girls. If you like the script or performer, just click on the name and you can quickly find more.

And please cool your attitude down, because you are very disrespectful towards people who spend coutless hours so you can jerk off.


Just want to say thank you for discussing this.

The faptap experience is of course superior to eroscripts (even though I prefer storing my scripts locally and use stashapp) and done right I definitely think it can encourage more scripting. Let’s work together towards that, @chris1337 seems to agree that it is important.

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He may say that with words, but he needs to say that with actions. So far he has not demonstrated anything close to that attitude.
This sort of thing happens time and again. An open community is formed around a skilled/artistic hobby. Most is distributed through a forum. Someone makes a website for the forum. Another party comes along and makes a better website with strong user experience. One of two things happen when that other party comes in.

  1. The community culture is preserved and the transition goes smoothly.
  2. The community culture is not preserved. Content gets moved while upsetting the creators. The creators then either stop creating or start blockading sharing since even their most basic requests aren’t being respected.

Deviantart used crazy scavenger hunts for passwords to unlock zip files. Some others moved to paid access. A lot of creators just moved everything behind paywalls. Patreon and OnlyFans exist in part due to this trend.

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This site is a 10/10 and the owner of the site is very nice and keeps asking for feedback, this is the future.

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