FapTap - Watch funscripts directly in your browser

I’m currently building a website https://old.faptap.net that allows you to watch funscripts directly in your browser - no download or setup required.

Supported Devices

  • The Handy
  • OSR2/SR6
  • Any other device that has Bluetooth: Kiiro, Lovense, OhMiBod, and many more. Vibrating toys also work with FapTap.


  • Connect nearly any toy
  • Stream videos directly in your browser, no download required, it’s plug-and-play, zero set-up.
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Search, Tags
  • Modern design and very fast.

I’d be happy to get feedback for improvements!


this looks really cool man tyvm!!


Also, it’s worth looking through the various posts that discuss the problems sites like this pose.


You can beat your meat with your homies


NEW scriptaxis les gooooooo

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Awesome idea! Love it.

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Update 20220806

  • Fix: Player now remembers the last location when switching quality (instead of starting from 0:00 again)
  • Feature: Hotspots, it now shows where there is the most action/speed
  • Feature: The video duration is now shown on the homepage for the video list
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Update 20220807

  • Fix: Images now load in lazy-mode, should improve performance/perceived load time
  • Feature: Added Spankbang as a data source
  • Feature: Added more videos (more should come soon)

Update 20220808

  • Feature: Better UX for connecting toys:
  • Feature: View Count; Videos now have a view count, this will help creating a “trending” page, etc.
  • Feature: Added more videos
  • Fixed: PH videos with lower quality wouldn’t work
  • Fixed/Improvement: Better UX when loading; Now using skeleton loaders instead of a spinner.
  • Improvement: Vibrating toys now get more updates per second (10 updates) for a smoother experience.

Tried with Keon, then with Launch, tried firefox first and got “bluetooth not supported”, tried chrome next which connected to both devices (didn’t try at the same time) but neither moved when videos were played. The Keon produced a microscopic shuffle at the start of the hello kitty video but otherwise didn’t move at all.

Both show NaN% where I’m guessing a battery level is meant to be on the connected devices panel.

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Update 20220810

  • Feature: HLS streaming (used when mp4 is not available, this opens a lot of doors to other providers that switched to HLS-only)
  • Feature: Instant Search - get live results while typing, instant feedback (will be improved for mobile devices)
  • Feature/Improved: Home/Trending page (very simple, will be improved)
  • Fixed: linear/stroking devices (potential fix)
  • Fixed: minor bugs and performance issues

The discussion about your site is moved @Faptap but I still request the removal of my scripts.

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Update 20220812

  • Feature: The whole website has been redesigned from the ground up. The UX has been greatly improved (although there are some small regressions, which will be fixed in the future). Everything is now accessible from one page.
  • Improved/Feature: Free Script creators are now linked. Click on the “Funscript” link below any video, it will take you to the ES discussion.
  • Feature: Added more videos
  • Feature: Tags/Categories, videos can now be filtered.
  • Feature: Better search
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Update 20220813

Update 20220815

  • Improved/Fixed: Persistent navigation is now fully implemented (was a regression from last update)
  • Feature: Endless scrolling (automatic pagination)
  • Fixed: Tags filtering (some tags didn’t work)
  • Fixed: small UX/UI fixes
  • Feature: Added noodledude[.]io as a video source
  • Improvements: Support for devices that support vibration/rotation have now been improved. It’s now better synced again (expect more updates that will improve the experience).

can you add wifi connection support through a connection key for The Handy? This would make it more accessible for people who don’t have access to bluetooth on their computers


Please add support for e-stim. This would be freaking amazing!

Would be really nice for keyboard shortcuts to work for play/pause, if nothing else.

guessing this doesnt work for osr2?