Faptap with Quest 3 & KEON

There is a lot of VR content now on faptap, and as i have a Quest 3 and a keon, i thought this process would be simple - go to the content on the Quest browser, connect the keon via the connect button /bluetooth option and watch to i was dry!

but alas, i cant seem to get the keon connected to the quest to watch faptap - has anyone had any luck here or am i missing a step?

is there any other “tube” sites that i might be able to use as an altewrnative with keon/Bluetooth compatability?


Do you have Heresphere?

Anytime I want to go watch stuff on Faptap I do it via Heresphere (on its browser). I have absolutely ZERO issues.

@ Ta_7890, thanks for replying here - i dont, but after your comment i did download it via sidequest - i seem to have the same issue connecting any bluetooth devices. cloicking on the ‘connect’ button doesn nothing but spin on the site, and no additional bluetooth selection popup windows appear like it would on desktop chrome with the keon to select inside it.


Bluetooth for whatever reason has never worked with my Keon and Faptap. I connect the device to Intiface Central, and use that to connect via faptap. Generally speaking, it’s always been reliable for me, all be it a little annoying the first time you set it all up.

Having the same issue with Keon and faptap. On android + chrome an bluetooth comes up with nothing in the browser. Same issue on the computer.

Use Interface Central with Keon, then connect that to Faptap. Haven’t had an issue from day 1.

@Smilingcorpse it would be great to know how you set this up. Initface shows me a server address of ws://locallost:12345 by default, or if i choose the “listen on all network devices” toggle to on in the server settings section, it turns to ws:// . When i look at my computers IP addess (say example, and try to connect to that ( on port 80 or 12345) through any other device (android phone, quest) i get “error: could not connect to websocket, possibly to due URL: JsValue”… the error does on a while) - any tips on how you set it up?

I just realized you were trying to connect to FT directly in VR. My bad. I haven’t bothered with that using my Rift. I have a set up with Scriptplayer, Intiface, and Whirligig, download the files and run it locally.

Good information here. I’m hoping I don’t have these issues.

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