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Finding "Lost" Scripts from RTS Script Repositories

Sorry if this has already been asked and I just can’t find the answer.

The old RTS script repositories usually just have one script in what was a multi script post. How should we go about tracking down those other scripts when we come across that? Should we just post a general script request to see if anyone has it or is there a better way?

As an example of the scenario I’m talking about I’m looking for the “Raylene MJ” script but only the “Step Auntie Raylene” has been scraped from RTS and posted here.

It is really sad, that so many scripts are lost. I wasn’t fast enough to save all the scripts, maybe somebody else was.

But… I was able to save the “The Raylene MJ” script. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t post it here without permission of the creator or an admin.

How is that different from the saved scripts that were reposted here before? All of my scripts where reposted here (with full credit) as where many others’ without asking. And I was actually happy to see that all that hard work wasn’t lost :grin:


yeah it’s unfortunate that the backup wasn’t 100% done correctly.

Regarding posting other people’s scripts, if they’re an active user here, I’d recommend asking them for permission first. If they’re not and it’s not a paid script, then I guess go ahead.

Maybe @ginger155 is the same ginger155 from RTS. Maybe he likes to share his old scripts in a script portfolio post?

On a similar topic, does anyone know who did the Lana Rhoades’ scenes on NaughtyAmerica? They’ve been releasing remasters, but have not kept the scenes in sync. I’ve updated all the scripts for what has dropped, but have been reluctant to post them in the off-chance I bought them at some point.