First Timer - Where to start?

Hello everyone! Today I decided to make the great jump and I ordered my Handy. I’ve been looking and storing some scripts and videos to use when my Handy arrives home. Do you suggest any script to start getting used to? I mean… is like a Post on “Where to start?” or something similar or is just “What I will like to try”. Also, any tip would be appreciate it.

Thanks for your time. See you around. I’ll be more active and stop being a lurker!

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Check out HandyControl, it allows you to do many things with your handy like control it with your controller, give a live chart preview, change the stroke length, apply rates (make the chart faster or slower), add stroke jitter, and a bunch more, here is the link:

Also in the same folder where you download the app is some files, these are about ten minutes each and are made for endurance as they get progressively harder. Great for stamina training (since you said you wanted files you can get used to)
Once you want to see what our community has charted you can check the #scripts:free-scripts section. Keep in mind since the great #pornhub purge just happened, your options are limited to ones with direct downloads or links to other streaming sites (and even less if you aren’t into IRL), since we are still a small community

Welcome to Groove Coaster the interactive world. Enjoy your stay.

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Thanks a lot for the reply. I’ll give them a look. Sounds really interesting. Any script or script series to be like a first try to the interactive World?

So at a basic just getting going, you can download scriptplayer, do the handy wifi setup, hook up your handy to scriptplayer via the menus, then download some free scripts from here and load up the videos/scripts in scriptplayer, itll send it over and handle all the syncing.

Now if you have a VR headset I’d recommend getting into the VR scripts, if you don’t care about cost, the easiest way to jump in is probably the sexlikereal app, or you can use DeoVR and just go to in the deoVR browser, works the same, there you can buy videos and matching scripts.

If you are cheaper, you can get free scripts here and then you just have to go buy the videos from wherever they sourced them (or you can be even cheaper and get creative on that part). DeoVR is great because it has handy integration like scriptplayer, just make sure you go to in the DeoVR browser to enable access to the interactive mode settings, you put in the handy key and its syncs up.

If you are tethered to your PC, then just make sure your videos and scripts are in the same folder with the same name, that’s the general method any interactive player uses to find and link the 2 files. If you are using a standalone headset (Quest/Quest2/Go), you will need to get sidequest and load the scripts to the Interactive folder of the device, you can setup windows DLNA streaming and stream the videos from your PC to the headset so no need to move those (though you can if you want it all local on the headset).

So depending on how deep your pockets are and how tolerant you are with tech tinkering, that’ll determine the best way to go, as things usually are, the easiest ways are the most expensive. If you are willing to spend a few bucks then I’d figure out which VR provider you like and get a membership with them, SLR is nice because they make it easy to buy scripts all in the same place (not included in membership unfortunately), but getting a membership will be a cost effective way to get content as opposed to buying individual videos.

A very simple suggestion is to start with a video and funscript where the heatmap is not all oranges and red. Start with a slower script and then get adventurous after that.

Also some scriptors indicate that their scripts are specifically compliant with the Handy. That will make your first sessions easier.

Have fun!