First vr-script


First i wanna thank every scripter out there for the amazing job you put down on this :clap::raised_hands:

I’m gonna receive my Quest 3 next week, and i just wanted to ask for a favor if you people can suggest some amazing first vr-script’s to test out the headset with, mostly i go for the IRL videos with real people in it so, but if you have any tip on animated script’s you really think that can convince me enough so go for it :ok_hand:

Have a nice weekend and please help a rookie out in this djungle :sweat_smile:

// Eric

If you are wanting to go with zero piracy then this is a great start.

SLR :gem: VirtualRealPorn - Melody Marks - After the Film - Scripts / Paid Scripts - EroScripts

Really showcases the immersion that VR brings to the table.

If your after something free and more of a buffet than one course ill plug my own script.

Stamina Training: Channel Hopping (action based VR PMV) - Scripts / Free Scripts - EroScripts


Ok, yeah i figured i was gonna get a tip för “slr”, so i guess that would be worth a try :slight_smile: and i have no problem with pirated stuff either so i will take look at your script :ok_hand: thank you for the response

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That Stamina Training vid/script by @quiffed1 is awesome! You won’t be disappointed with that one.

I would also recommend this outstanding script:
I’ve never made it to the end, and I’m honestly struggling within the first five minutes every single time I play it. :joy: It’s so good.


Haha alright, that sounds promising​:sweat_smile::ok_hand: and the other link you provided really looks tempting for sure, if i’m a lucky man i get my quest3 this friday :pray:

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Check out my portfolio. Lots of free links included or you can ask for new ones. I guess the VRBangers Violet Myers, VRConk Cyberpunk Edgerunners and VRConk Genshin Impact ones are the most favourited ones of my portfolio.


Ah thanks man, definitely gonna check out some of your stuff :ok_hand: worst part is that i have seen some amazing scripts for vr during the the time i have been a member here, but ofc i didn’t save/pinned them for later if i was going to get a vr, like now :sweat_smile: :smiling_face_with_tear: so it’s nice to have some of you out there giving me a proper start :ok_hand:

This is the first one I used in VR and it’s still one of my favorite videos, and the script is fantastic too.

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Thanks man :slight_smile: by the looks it seems many more with you included liked it so gonna save that :ok_hand:

@burtreynolds @Shayuki @charz1060 @quiffed1

Another question, is there something to think about when it comes to the syncing for the handy when you go for vr script? Like how many ms/ping on the slide etc? Or should i just tune it like a normal script?

I am from Germany and I think the Handy servers are in the Netherlands so no issues for me at 0-20ms delay. I would suggest just starting off with 20ms and then correcting it a bit if there are any issues in regards to the sync. Sometimes if servers are overloaded or your connection is bad you will have to sync it up regardless, but to be honest that hasn’t been an issue for me for the past few weeks.

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I think that as long as you’re using the same connection type (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) you should be fine using the same delay as you have on your computer.

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I use the Handy with Heresphere and stream everything over smb. I don’t bother with changing the offsets, and it usually works good enough for me. Occasionally I might just need to pause the video and reload the script.

I love anything with Jewelz Blu! :heart_eyes: She’s such a great performer! I’ve wanted to try this one for so long, but in more than two years of searching I still haven’t found a link for that video. :rofl:

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I usually sub to an aggregate site (povr is my favorite for the value, vrporn also really good for value) and download as many scripted videos that I’m interested in as possible.

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Alright! thanks for all the help so far :slight_smile: i couldn’t ask for more, now i just have to wait for that damn thing to be delivered