Flash Game - Clixsposing Samus Bootleg - Corta Flash Edits

:information_source: Game description:

Contains the following:

Contains 9 different costumes of Samus. It supports the whole game, but I generally advise using gallery mode as the gamemode’s hitboxes are slightly off-center due to having to resize the game.

Made for theHandy

:memo: Install Instructions

I highly recommend using initiface has it handles speed functions far better

Standalone Install Instructions:

  1. Download the full standalone package from the mega below.
  2. Run Flash-toy-sync-as2.exe, select the game located in animations-as3
  3. Ensure that your Handy is in Wifi mode and that the connection key is entered into the program (or initface)
  4. Press Play

(The mega should already contain the required flash-sync program)

Save Install Instructions:

  1. Get the save file from the mega below.
  2. Start the game.swf once to create the initial save
  3. Navigate to C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player#SharedObjects<random letters>\localhost
  4. Replace the save file found, it’s either in base localhost or in a similar file structure to where you placed the game folder. (ie. If its in the Downloads folder, then you should see that same file-folder path structure in the localhost directory)

:file_folder: Script

Folder contains the game, the associated json, the flash sync tool, intiface connector, and the save

:memo: Notes

This was requested a long time ago, I was able to figure out how to script it. It was one of my favorite back in the day, so I’m glad it worked it.

It’s worth noting that the strokes are particularly long and fast. This was to my own preference. If desired, I can shorten the strokes where need be.

:next_track_button: Next thing

I’m working on some of those really old Legend of Krystal games back in the day, so expect those to be done fairly soon-ish.


Woah now here’s a blast to the past, can’t wait to give it a try tonight.

muchas gracias! Can’t wait to give it a try. I used to play games like this…even more now :crazy_face: Thanks for scripting!

this game is great but I would like to know how to unlock megaman?

When it comes to flash games i’d love to see Mario is Missing scriped, but that might be a big project.
Thanks for this!

Now that’s an ambitious goal!