Fleshlight Case compatibility with Kiiroo KEON?

Hi all,

My FleshlighLaunch died 2 years ago, I kept it for a year or so hoping I might somehow fix it (a miracle maybe) then ended up throwing it away when I moved to my new apartment.

Time passes then I am tempted to get a replacement, leaning towards a Keon BUT I have a few questions:

  • I have a few FleshLight sleeves with their case from my previous purchase (bought a pack, many still new never used), are these compatible with Keon ? or I read somewhere I can still use the sleeves with keon stroker only ?
  • I have found a local retailer with lower price than the online website, is it normal or maybe there are different models ? how to check ?
  • Is Keon the best choice for VR ?

Many thanks <3

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Hey @batis610

I’ll try to help:

  • You can fit most if not all fleshlight sleeves in the Keon, but you have to use Keon’s original case (you cant use fleshlight cases)

  • Theres only one Keon Model, so should be same product everywhere

  • Keon is good depending on your priorities

Key pros = Super quiet, fits fleshlights, wireless, can be easily handsfree with blankets or neck pillow, bit shorter stroke depth but can be a plus if preferring to have longer sessions

But if you prioritize more-so better playback performance and longer stroke depth, then you will want to look into the Handy, or OSR2 (OSR2 fits fleshlights and their cases but not as userfriendly)


Thank you @Realcumber for the extensive answers <3

I was going through my boxes and I also realize I might need to upgrade my old Oculus and thus I have some extra question if you don’t mind:

  • After a searching, the best candidate seems to be Oculus Quest 2. What do you think ?
  • I am hesitating between 128/256GB. But either are useless as it is better to get the Link cable to access the HDD on my computer. Is that the way to go ?
  • Should I buy immediately or maybe wait for a sure coming promo ? new model ?
    If you have any other suggestion, please advise.
    Thanks <3

No problem :slight_smile:

  • Quest 2 is best quality and value for sure, especially as you dont need high end graphics card with it, and plays everything up to 8k well on it

  • 128GB is more than enough - you will likely want to connect to your PC anyways after as thats where most of your content is likely stored. You can buy any USB-C cable btw, doesnt have to be official Oculus one.

  • I would buy now, no promos likely till black friday in nov, if any, and its current price is honestly great promo price already.
    New models may have some new bells and whistles, but they are relatively minor compared to what you can get now with the Quest 2

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There are some issues with Fleshlight sleeves rubbing and eventually deteriorating.

Solutions are discussed above, I ended up cutting out a thick piece of cardboard and solo cup and gluing them together to make a shield to prevent rubbing. Worked great when I did it. Upgraded to the OSR2 and highly recommend it in the long run.

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@Realcumber Thank you so much again especially for the cable tip. Their official one is quite overpriced!
@GoonerScriptz Thank you for the headsup, I guess I was going to find out the hard way xD

One last big/bad surprise for me is that I believe what MUST be upgraded urgently is my old GTX 980 GPU. Sadly even-though I upgraded fully my desktop last year, I was waiting for GPU prices to drop which is yet to come :<
I recall my old Oculus could not play 4K vids and I don’t think Quest will be either with that GPU. So, what would be you recommendation for the least/cheapest upgrade possible for GPU to handle such vids especially that now most of them are 7-8K format ?

According to Nvidia, the minimum for 8K “gaming” is RTX 3090 xD

RTX 3060 Seems to be quite good: decent, recent and not very expensive. What do you think ?

You dont need to upgrade your PC card if you are using your Quest 2 for gaming or VR videos - it can playback up to 8k 60fps smoothly on its own fyi

Awesome, I am delaying my GPU upgrade then as prices expected hopefully to drop further over the next few months… And the 3060 was never my first choice anyway but dictated by high prices!
Keon & Quest 2 both ordered and expected next week… Hopefully I wont be disappointed…
Thank you so much for the precious support and guidance <3

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