Fleshlight JOI or HJ kind of videos

Wondering if you guys know of any decent videos which feature an actual Fleshlight? Either as a JOI, pure HJ/BJ, or as part of foreplay. Preferrably VR, preferrably scripted, although I haven’t come across any that would meet all of these criteria :wink:

The only that comes to mind is a recent script by @Mument2000https://discuss.eroscripts.com/t/rs-manyvids-naughtypoppyuk-fleshlight-joi-with-poppy/3306 . They’re not easy to search for because searching for ‘Fleshlight’ here or over at RTS produces a million unrelated results… So tapping into Comunity Knowledge is probably the only way to find more!


If you are into femdom there are some videos from FemDomEmpire that has that, although not VR and not scripted (I assume). This is an example Lyra Law - Hold Your Nut

VirtualTaboo should have a couple of videos, not with Fleshlight, but other sleeves. However, most VR quickly abandon “the fetish thing” (clothing, high heels, fleshlight etc.). It is only present a short time in the beginning of the video in general. Here is an example: Eyla Moore - My Pussy Is Brother’s New Toy

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The Lyra Law scene looks neat, thanks. Keep my fingers crossed there’s at least one vid that meets the above criteria thou, even if only for a few mins :slight_smile:

EDIT: this is mostly what I had in mind: Fleshlight Handjob from Blonde Girl with Perfect round Tits - Pornhub.com or Haha, i'm Driving you Crazy! Fleshlight Edging Handjob - Pornhub.com except in VR and scripted.

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sort of unrelated, if you use the advance search and search for the #launch tag it should produce better results, although you may miss some things since not everybody tags all their posts

edit: apparently you can just click the tag here and it will take you to a search for that tag.

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@zonkmaster I just created my first script so dont expect it to be a flawless script but it might be something you looking for. Its a 2D script, good VR videos with longer use of fleshlight are pretty rare as far as i know. Lemme know what u think
I got some more Fleshlight Vids that I actually wanna script.



@Jamned this looks very good indeed, cannot wait to test! Exactly what I was looking for with the tiny exception of VR-ness.

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@zonkmaster just finished another one u might like.