FleshLight Launch Connection Issues

I’m having an issue with my launch where it just keeps blinking blue but no device can see it. I can’t figure out how to fix this. It worked last weekend and now it’s like it’s not actually putting out a signal.

Also has anyone got the new Kiiroo Keon? Is it any better? I just want a device that doesn’t keep having connection issues.

Is Location service enabled on your smartphone or whatever gedget you connect to launch ?

  1. Update the firmware on the Launch.
  2. Depending by what means are you connecting the launch to your device (via the kiroo app on a smart device, or by BT direct on PC) make sure the device is detectable, do not connect the device by these means at that stage, just check its registering.
  3. If on a smart device make sure to disconnect and remove the device from all apps (both the native BT widget if on phone/tablet and from kiroo. End the kiroo application.
  4. Restart the kiroo app, scan for devices.
  5. Turn the Launch on, press and hold till flashing blue light indicates scan mode.

What does the kiroo app say?

No devices are linked to the launch. I only use the scriptplayer program with my launch. To use that you’re not supposed to connect the launch to your PC like a normal bluetooth device. You just hit connect via the program. I have 2 launches because they keep malfunctioning they have sent me a second one. But it takes 9 hours to charge just one of them. So i don’t usually have them both charged at the same time. the other launch i have connects just fine, but it’s battery is too low currently. So I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with my fully charged one.

Is the one that´s NOT working with ScriptPlayer accidentally paired with your OS ?

No, its not paired with anything. my theory is that when it’s battery dies and then recharges it’ll be fine. That’s what’s worked before. This device is super unreliable. I got an email from them saying they discontinued it because of these problems. But Kiiroo made a new version that I hope solves this. Fleshlight said they’d fully refund me so its all good.

I hadn’t go to the part where you’re connecting to ScriptPlayer, just testing if the Kiroo Launch connects via the Kiroo app it was actually designed to connect to. If it does then you have a basis to work on, if not then you’re back to square one with faulty bits.

Sorry for your situation.

If you mean the Keon, hate to say it, but I own one and it is horrible. Definitely does not meet the quality of the launch or handy.

how so? its supposed replace the launch. fleshlight stopped their partnership. i just want to be able to use while plugged in like their new product. is that so much to ask? lol. it could even get its signal via the cable lol.

It feels unstable in use as they made the form factor smaller. Good in idea, but they didn’t pull it off in my opinion. With the launch, i could also throw a heavy blanket over it and be hands free, not really so anymore. The stroke seems much shorter than the launch and the sleeve itself seems to be designed for a smaller penis (seems to be a thing with kirroo to be honest). I trimmed out a fleshlight sleeve to see if that would work better, but nope. So all in all, used it three times and planning on throwing it out. Have you checked out the handy? The band can take some getting used to, but once you do, it’s a GREAT device, and with SLR getting the scripts to the device is simple.

I’ll pay for you to ship the keon to me if you’re willing. I just hold my device so the blanket thing is ok to me. Can it’s power source be straight off the cable like the fleshlight launch go? or does it have to charged for wireless use?

Also from what I’ve seen I can use a fleshlight sleeve in their device. I’m not worried about it being designed for a smaller penis since I’m only about 6-7 inches.

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