Fleshlight launch connection problem with windows 11

hello, good evening I write this message because I have a problem with my fleshlight launch it’s been a few days now that I have my new pc but with windows 11 pro to install and as on my pc I don’t have bluethoot directly in my pc I bought a bluethoot key but on windows 10 it works flawlessly but I can’t find the drivers for my key on windows 11 (BCM20702A0) I don’t know what to do.

Seems to be a common issue given the huge number of pages on the topic when searching.

First of all, do not download any software that promise to fix it. There is a high risk of getting malware that way.

The following page seems to contain reasonable things to try. However, in the first suggestion, don’t select all optional updates to install. Look for relevant updates to install if you try that.

Running the troubleshooter for bluetooth might be the best thing to start with.

thank you for the link I tried and it solved my problem I can connect my launch to my pc thank you :slight_smile:

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