Fleshlight Launch need new one

looking for one get back to me if you have one

Perhaps consider upgrading to The Handy? It is superior to Launch in many ways.

got a handy and i think its trash

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I’ve got one new-in-box. Got a warrantee replacement, but fixed (improved) the old one while waiting for it. Thought I’d break out the new one when I screwed the old one up, but it’s been 2 years already.

I think if you’re going to upgrade at this point, the Kiiroo KEON is the best way to go. I’ve got both and the KEON stands above in a number of ways.

The Keon also has an utterly pathetic 700mah battery, can’t function while plugged in, and apparently only lets you charge it when it gets to ~20-30%. Be prepared to mod it heavily, baby its battery constantly, or become incredibly frustrated mid session on the regular.

It’s superior to the launch in many ways, but there are definitely other considerations to keep in mind because Kiiroo have a fetish for trying to destroy otherwise good products through sheer idiocy. If stupidity was gold, Kiiroo would be Midas.

Saying that, I am considering buying one and modding it!

It feel like the handy is the best option when you play VR because of is integration on deovr. But when I was playing 2d video with scriptplayer the easiest toy to use was the launch with the bluetooth

Have one that I’m looking to sell. It’s not brand new, but didn’t use it much. Let me know if you’re interested.

Keon is my first device and the battery was disappointing so I decided to mod it. I went with the easy route and just did a power supply (15V 4A power supply) mod which is similar to the Launch power mod. You just need to cut the wires from the battery and solder on the corresponding wires from the power supply to the Keon. Took maybe about an hour to do since it took me some time to work out how to open the Keon up.

There are more fancy ways to mod it like adding a switch and plug so you can choose either the battery or power supply. For me the battery was abysmal so I didn’t even bother.

Also be careful with the Keon if you are using the Fleshlight sleeves. They fit but the Keon has a rubber opening which shreds the sleeves when in use. People just wrap a paper towel around the sleeve case so the sleeve doesn’t contact the rubber opening.

Not to derail this thread too much but this kind of information has been exactly what I was looking for. If at some point you were to go into a little more detail on what you did I’d appreciate it very much!

I’ve had mine for 6 months nearly and never had it cut out mid-session, I can get 3-5 uses out of it before the battery starts to get low.

There just seems to be this ‘ahh the battery is small, pretty trash option’ rhetoric around the KEON but it’s honestly no where near as bad as people make it out to be.

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There is one kind of solution to that contact-problem:

Kiiroo Keon Lip Cap

Awesome, I was searching for something like this!

We could make a new thread for this? I’m guessing quite a few people will eventually want to mod it. For starters you are going to need a multimeter and soldering iron.

I’ll post a couple of pics around opening it and which wires I cut later this weekend.

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Go for it, there’s a How-To section on the forum this can be posted at :+1:

I found the battery for the discontinued Fleshlight Launch in China by probably the same manufacturer as Kiiroo does. Indeed, they are exactly identical. While shipping LiPo batteries from China is very expensive, I bought some more to sell them, just to split my own fees. Look for Launch Akku on ebay if you are interested. Replacing the battery is very easy. The battery is scotched to the body. Be careful when removing it. You need some double sided tape to install the new one. In this YouTube you can see how to open the Launch (from about 30 minutes on).

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