Fleshlight Launch Repair Advice

Does anyone know how to fix the motor axis on a Fleshlight Launch? I think I might have back drived the motor, and it’s now unable to reset at the home position.

Not much to go on, but maybe you knocked the magnet for the end stop off?
There should be a small magnet in a recess on the outside of the slide (the part moving up and down where you put the fleshlight in).
If the magnet is missing the reed-contact (magentic switch) on the mainboard can’t detect the position of the slide.

Based on some of the videos Ive seen on online the magnet should be that brown disc above the motor right?

Also here is a better picture of the back of device

No I mean the one on the plastic part that moves up and down.
There should be a small rectangular magnet in a small recess in the plastic (just glued in).

Hmm I don’t really see it. But I’m also not 100% sure that I’m looking in the right place. Would you be able to edit this picture and circle the area of where to find the magnet?

Unless your referring to the area behind that white box. I found a small rectangular indent in the black plastic where a magnet could go

Not really, no - it’s on the other side.
It should be on the front of the sliding plastic ring where you screw the Fleshlinght into.
(basically “under” the controls on the front)

I threw mine out years ago so unfortunately I can’t take a picture of it, but if you don’t want to completely disassemble your Launch (understandable - it’s a pain in the ass and you can easily damage it), take a look from the top down, between the outer and the inner part. Maybe you can still see the magnet or the recess it’s supposed to be in.


If you give up on it I’ll happily buy it for parts.