FlipZero to Fleshlight Adapter (3d printing)

Hi everyone. Sometime ago in 2017/2018 I was dabbling in developing my own stroker-bot around the flip zero. Quite some time went into replicating the “sheath” that holds the flipzero closed with the aim to develop it into a mounting mechanism. Eventually I scratched the project because it was not performing as I wanted it to and I got burnt out.

I thought it would be neat to adapt the sheath to allow it to be mounted in an OSR2/SR6 or launch as I believe some people may have one lying around somewhere or might want to try one.

Fancy render:

I recommend printing both parts with supports from buildplate only and using a wallthickness of 3 lines or more for sturdiness. Print the sheath with the back (flat-ish) part facing down.
Assemble the adapter using 4x m3 nuts and 4x m3 screws (10mm) by placing the nuts in the recesses and tightening the screws from the outside carefully.
Add a small rubberband around the base (where the mount sockets into the OSR2/Launch) to add additional friction if the T-Twist dislodges the adapter while rotating

Megalink for STLs:


WOW, this is great! Really smart way of going about it.

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guys tell me I searched the whole forum and the Internet also needs an adapter for lovence max2 ???