For all the women with a handy

Hi :smile:
This topic is for women who own a handy or want one.
Don’t be fooled about the including sleeve .
This toy could be converted to please us women too.
You simply need a dildo with a suction cap and the handy with the velcro tape .
Just Wrap the dildo to the desired length ( i use a 12-16cm Dildo)
Ensure The velcro tape is secured tight just give it a extra pull to be sure .
Download your favorite vids with the script and enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:
This toy has given me as women several eye rolling orgasm’s (no squirting)
Just be very carefull if you do squirt because the toy is not water resistant.


I am curious now. As a woman, which camera perspective do you like best for interactive content? And a second question: Do you have to invert the scripts so that the movement from your POV is correct?

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The handy actually IS water proof/repellant

Huh. I’m surprised it has enough torque for that. (There was a thread on RTS about someone doing something similar with the Launch and I’m pretty sure they said it sometimes had issues. Though I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the Handy is superior in this way as well…)

Yeah the movement is reversed cause if i put a toy on the handy i need to hold it the other way and the best perspective is pov or just solo play.
I would really love some more solo masturbation vids of women here :smile: the scripting doesn’t line up with me maybe i need some more time to do so but we work every day so kinda hard to find some time to do scripting and i can’t ask my husband for help :smile: i really enjoy some free scripts here .
My kinda movies i like masturbation (mutual and solo) , rough sex , hentai.
I just am lucky when i orgasm i don’t squirt .
There was a notice on the box that the device is’t water resistant .
My husband didn’t like the sleeve that came with it so now i need to find a fleshlight holder for it so he can also enjoy the toy.
Yes we share this device untill we can buy another one for him :smile: .

We got the launch , onyx ,titan and pearl 2
The pearl 2 has lots of options but i kinda miss the effect of thrusting .
I tried to put a dildo on the launch and the device was getting problems when the scene became faster.
The onyx and titan were a bit disapointment according to my husband .
In my eyes the handy is currently the best i have owned.

If you like 220v dc current running through your body .
We live in belgium and i’m not planning to get elektrocuted.

There is no such thing as 220v dc current in the Handy. There is 100-240V AC current on the power supply depending where you are living. Handy runs on 12 volts so it wouldn’t do a thing to you through your squirt spray. It’s just if it’s on and gets wet inside it might short circuit and break. Fluids dried inside will also cause corrosion to the components and PCB if not cleaned properly.

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Can you script for a pearl2… ? was wondering if it would work… or if the immersion of being bottom would be achieved without trust… i am in the minority of those who like female pov…

still trying to figure out how to use the kiiroo toys to interact with a windows pc all i have now is the feel connect app but it only interacts with interactive videos on pornhub

Does this help?

i bought a keon, then asked to myself… what have i done…
then after the first day with my Keon, i was planing on marrying the damn thang… restarted to smoke cigarette for after…

and it all changed when i ditched the feel connect apps and discovered scripting right here… this site gave me shaking orgasm and gave me feelings i have not had in a while… just needed Intiface Desktop and Script Player on my pc… I am a total noob to this… have not tryed VR yet… (afraid of motion sickness… even in porn…)