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For all the women with a handy

Hi :smile:
This topic is for women who own a handy or want one.
Don’t be fooled about the including sleeve .
This toy could be converted to please us women too.
You simply need a dildo with a suction cap and the handy with the velcro tape .
Just Wrap the dildo to the desired length ( i use a 12-16cm Dildo)
Ensure The velcro tape is secured tight just give it a extra pull to be sure .
Download your favorite vids with the script and enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:
This toy has given me as women several eye rolling orgasm’s (no squirting)
Just be very carefull if you do squirt because the toy is not water resistant.


I am curious now. As a woman, which camera perspective do you like best for interactive content? And a second question: Do you have to invert the scripts so that the movement from your POV is correct?

The handy actually IS water proof/repellant

Huh. I’m surprised it has enough torque for that. (There was a thread on RTS about someone doing something similar with the Launch and I’m pretty sure they said it sometimes had issues. Though I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the Handy is superior in this way as well…)

Yeah the movement is reversed cause if i put a toy on the handy i need to hold it the other way and the best perspective is pov or just solo play.
I would really love some more solo masturbation vids of women here :smile: the scripting doesn’t line up with me maybe i need some more time to do so but we work every day so kinda hard to find some time to do scripting and i can’t ask my husband for help :smile: i really enjoy some free scripts here .
My kinda movies i like masturbation (mutual and solo) , rough sex , hentai.
I just am lucky when i orgasm i don’t squirt .
There was a notice on the box that the device is’t water resistant .
My husband didn’t like the sleeve that came with it so now i need to find a fleshlight holder for it so he can also enjoy the toy.
Yes we share this device untill we can buy another one for him :smile: .

We got the launch , onyx ,titan and pearl 2
The pearl 2 has lots of options but i kinda miss the effect of thrusting .
I tried to put a dildo on the launch and the device was getting problems when the scene became faster.
The onyx and titan were a bit disapointment according to my husband .
In my eyes the handy is currently the best i have owned.

If you like 220v dc current running through your body .
We live in belgium and i’m not planning to get elektrocuted.