For DarkRoomVR fans - Poll is closed - decision has been made

Some of you already know that I’m in a DarkRoomVR scripting phase right now. I’m working on my 3rd script this last month and will do at least one more. Please give 1 or 2 suggestions on what you would like to have scripted (keep on reading).

Video submission and poll has ended.

If you want a higher chance to get your video selected it is best if it aligns with my preferences and what I often look at before deciding on a video to script. However, you can suggest any DarkRoomVR video.

  • Most importantly - Looking at my portfolio you will se that I prefer younger natural girls (no lipfillers, no obviously fake boobs etc.) with a slim or petite body. However, a beautiful face is most important. A little bit of an innocent look works well with DarkRoomVR videos too.
  • It’s a bonus if there are good cowgirl, missionary, standing missionary scenes, i.e. positions where you see the girls face. Reverse cowgirl, doggy style etc. are ok, but it should not be the majority of the video since asses aren’t my big turn on.
  • For most videos this is not an issue, but avoid picking a video with an unusual amount of time spent on blowjobs since it takes so much more time and effort to script. This recommendation will be used more as a tie breaker.

I will pick the next video when I’m close to finishing the one I’m working on now.

There might be a poll with a smaller selection for you to vote on later so be sure to check for updates. I might also just pick one so no promises about a poll.

The following have already been scripted by me:

DarkRoomVR - Kama Oxi - Games To Play In The Dark - work in progress
DarkRoomVR - Liya Silver - Customer Service
DarkRoomVR - Liz Ocean - Nice To Meet You
DarkRoomVR - Matty - Double Vaccination
DarkRoomVR - Matty - Warm Welcome
DarkRoomVR - Ohana Petite - My First Interview
DarkRoomVR - Scarlett Jones - Alone In The Woods
DarkRoomVR - Stefany Kyler - Time To Play

The following have already been scripted by others (paid and free):

DarkRoomVR - Alexa Flexy - Young Talent
DarkRoomVR - Ariana Van X - Dark Date
DarkRoomVR - Ariana Van X - Big Cock Delivery
DarkRoomVR - Atlantis Deep - A Real Movie
DarkRoomVR - Bambola - Last Warning
DarkRoomVR - Dominno - Judge a book by its cover
DarkRoomVR - Freya Mayer - Ready To Serve You
DarkRoomVR - Geisha Kyd - Forgiveness Must Be Earned
DarkRoomVR - Jessy Jey - Do Not Disturb (partial script?)
DarkRoomVR - Josephine Jackson - The Scandal
DarkRoomVR - Kate Quinn - This Ain’t A Charity
DarkRoomVR - Kiara Lord - Your Wish Is My Command
DarkRoomVR - Lady Bug, Kathy Anderson - Meeting The Neighbor
DarkRoomVR - Lexi Dona - Quiet Please
DarkRoomVR - Lottie Magne - Checkmate, Bitch
DarkRoomVR - Mary Rock - Rise Of The Slut
DarkRoomVR - Mia Trejsi - Offer You Can’t Refuse
DarkRoomVR - Natasha 10, Daniela Ortiz, Alicia Trece - Butts Made For Challenge
DarkRoomVR - Sharon White - Personal Assistant With Benefits
DarkRoomVR - Sharon White, Eyla Moore - The Game You Will Remember
DarkRoomVR - Scarlett Jones - I Prescribe Taking Panties Off
DarkRoomVR - Tori Cummings - Time To Prove Yourself


Olivia Sparkle - Pick A Card

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Thank you for asking :love_you_gesture:
I was also going to suggest ‘Fuck Your Problems’ but @Sscott237890 was faster :smiley:

Here are two other videos, that kinda match your criteria:


This VR movie meets your described preferences, and so far has been unscripted.
It would be great if you could add this to your already impressive repertoire:


The video you suggested has already been scripted, twice!

DarkRoomVR - Atlantis Deep - A Real Movie - links

Two more that are worthwhile to be scripted:


This one picked up a few votes on the request forum already a while back but never got any takers.


I’d go for these, I’ve been looking for a script for ages.

Keep’em coming. Current scripting status of the one I’m working with right now:

It looks half done but 40% of the video is blowjob and that takes much longer than ordinary penetration to script.

Several interesting suggestions already. If I find a clear favorite I will still set up a poll with my top five (or something like that) where my undisclosed favorite is one choice and if another video wins then you get two scripts done so there can be room for some tactical voting if you believe you know what I’ve choosen :wink:

I think the beautiful and innocent part fits emily here, but not sure if jasmine works for you.


We had a little bit of a discussion about that in one of my DarkRoomVR release threads. She doesn’t fit my preferences but Emily certainly does. Maybe it will get into top five and participate in the vote, and if it wins it will be scripted :slight_smile:


For what it’s worth, I’ll vote for any scene that doesn’t start with a standing blowjob followed by doggy style.

It’s something that I noticed in the last year or two (which also includes VirtualTaboo as well). All their scenes seem to have the following theme: “Dominant male, submissive woman”. I don’t mind that at all, but it’s bugging me that they almost always translate it to “man looking down at woman” which leads to a lot of “standing up blowjobs”, doggy position, etc, which are far from my preferred position in a script.

That being said they do have a lot of really cute & petite women (which fit their theme, and your taste, nicely), so I can understand the appeal… :smile:

Gaaah, I never really thought of that since I seldom watch many in a row. Now that fact will be stuck in my head. The last three DarkRoomVR videos I’ve been working on have the exact same positioning sequence and that goes for a VirtualTaboo video that I thought of scripting as well sigh

The theme for DarkRoomVR is dominant male and submissive woman so if that isn’t someones cup of tea then they should make a pass on that studio. VirtualTaboo should be more of a mix, but has quite much focus on step family, which so many studios (2D and VR) seems to believe is every mans dream/fantasy these days. I know that Evelyn Claire was quite sick of it and that was one of several reasons why she left mainstream in favor for OF, Twitch and other acting.

Oops, sorry about that.

Personally, I don’t mind and I might even prefer it when studios stick with a base theme. At least, you can subscribe to the one you like and you’ll probably like most of their videos, instead of getting a video once every 2 months that you like. But, in the case of DarkRoomVR, IMO, they could try to mix it up a little bit more on the execution side. There are other ways to portray a dominant male besides “standing over” the woman.

And, yes, VirtualTaboo is a bit more messed up right now. For me, they currently lean a lot on the same theme as DarkRoomVR with only a little bit of Taboo, which, as you said, often are about stepfamilies.

On a side note (since this is my thread anyways :slight_smile: ), I get the feeling that many girls use studios as a stepping stone and once they have made themselves a little bit of a name and got a fan base they switch exclusively to OnlyFans. Dakota Tyler is an example of that. She did a number of videos for large studios, including a two or three VR shoots and now she is an OF girl afaik. I also assume that no one that switch to OF invest in VR cameras so girls like Gina Valentina will we probably never see again in VR.

If that’s the case, it’s a really good strategy for them. Unfortunately for me, even if I like them, I have trouble going back to 2D. I wish they pooled their resources and bought a shared VR camera, and maybe, some dedicated helper that would set up the POV correctly for them (i.e. they’d get the VR camera one month every X months). I would definitely subscribe for the month when Kate Kurai has the VR camera… I would really like to experience her blowjob in VR :wink:

I’m pretty sure that a lot of those homemade videos would be more “hot” than studio scenes.

[I’m trying to stick to your side note since I might be a little responsible for some of the side tracks we are on :grin:]

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Whoops, sorry

@squirt I’m ignoring your suggestions for now since you didn’t read the instructions. I wrote in the original post that you were supposed to suggest one or two alternatives, no more.

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