For Sale: Handy & Meta Quest 2 Bundle

Hi everyone,

I don’t use the Handy or Quest 2 hardly enough at all to keep it. At the time, I bough everything possible and I believe I still have the boxes for everything Handy and Oculus. I’d prefer to sell together, but may sell separate if after a week or two up with no offers. I would say that the Handy is Very good condition while all the Oculus stuff is “Like New” and a couple things not even opened. I’ve spent about 1,000 and am looking for 700. From Belgium.

Bundle is:

The Handy (190)
Oculus Quest 2 (499)
Oculus Elite Strap with Battery (139 euro)
Oculus Link VR Cable (78 euro)
Oculus Quest 2 Carrying Case (69 euro)
1x Red Silicone VR Cover (14 euros)
1x Facial Interface & Foam Replacement VR Cover (30 euros)
VR Cover Controller Grips - Dark Grey (29 euro)
2x VR Cover Lens cover (9/pc euro)

Thanks for your time.