(FOR SALE) New & Unused RealTouch Device!

Hey everyone! As the title says. I have a new and unused RealTouch device for sale. I bought 3 of these when RealTouch shut down and sold off the last of their devices. One of them was used, the other sold and this one has stayed in it’s bubble wrap and box until today when I unwrapped it to photograph.

I’ve included some pictures of the device and also a picture in front of my laptop with the days topics of this forum open. This is to help reassure anyone that I own the device at this moment in time. If you would like any further proof or reassurance, I’m happy to give it.

Pricing this is tricky so I think it’s best that I just open it up to offers. If you’re interested then please drop me a private message with an offer and we can talk =]

Here’s a link to a google drive folder with some pictures of the device…


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask =]


any software to get the device working with funscripts?

Hi there John. There used to be a tonne of scripts produced for the RealTouch by users. I’m sure there’s a library of preexisting scripts out there somewhere! Realtouchscripts.com used to be the place but I believe everything moved to here? I think RealTouch still have videos on their website also but I might be wrong there.

The device would also need a mini tower to work correctly so this is more valuable to someone who has owned a RealTouch before.

I messaged you. Interested if you have any left

I’ll buy one just need to know where to send the funds too

I’d do 300 for one

I will take one from you used or new don’t matter as long as they work I can’t figure out how to me here yet

I’ll buy if still available

I have a working used one available. Message me for details

Do you have anymore?

Yes I have 2. Message me for details and I can send pics

How much you looking to sell these for?

Message me for details

HI, do you still have the Realtouch?

Yes I do. PM me for the details

do you still have any for sell?

very interested. i own an old one already but would love a new one

Just wondering if anyone’s still selling one?

Just checking, do you still have one for sale? I’m paying top dollars