For Those Wanting to Use 3D Printed Items but No 3D Printer

I wanted to get this Handy Fleshlight mount but I don’t have a printer nor did I want to go to a local library and print it off for obvious reasons.

I came across Treatstock which was very easy and affordable to work with.

Go here and you can enter the url of the item:

Next you are going to have a chance to look at the size and parts. Be careful of the size… should it be mm or inches? Use common sense!


As you can see, with inches selected the dimensions are (99.00 x 110.29 x 47.00 in) which is obviously too big.

Next is picking a maker as well as the color and material. You have to be careful here. Refer back to the Thingiverse post and note the material the designer mentioned. Otherwise, do research and consider what the piece is meant to do and whether the material will work. The Thingiverse mentions the material used as PETG. Selecting this will change the price. Color selection will also. Click around and ensure the best material and price combination. I saved around $5 switching to Blue.

Also, note the reviews, distance and so forth. Some sellers are better priced than others. Clicking next here brings up shipping and so forth, and then payment.

Hope this helps!