Found an MPV plugin for SBS VR as 2D with pan and zoom

Not sure the best way to go about sharing this, but I have seen people disappointed at finding some videos in VR because they don’t have a platform to play them. I use MFP and MPV pretty exclusively, and I found this plugin very useful to take a standard SBS VR video and play is as a 2D video. The neat thing about it is that you still are able to pan/zoom the video with the mouse as if it was VR, without having to actually convert the video with other software (not sure if it requires good hardware to run smoothly, I have a 3070 with comparable PC specs for reference and have had no issues)

the plugin I found that does this is here:


I’m looking to setup to folders with MPV with different configs for VR & 2D. I dropped in everything as it said and I can’t seem to get it to work. Not sure how you have yours set up and can lend me some advice? I have it working through CMD and only if the specified video is in the same directory

Not gonna lie that is pretty cool, nice find!

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I have a custom launcher coded that will automatically add this bit to the activexobject before launching, and it auto launches mpv with the video loaded, and with the plugin if it’s a VR video. Not at my PC but the target (if it was in a shortcut) looks something like:
“…/mpv.exe” “…/video.mp4” --script-opts=360plugin-enabled=yes

Note that my MPV does have another bit added into the config that allows MFP to detect it when manually ran, can’t recall this config line off top of my head.

If you wanted 2 separate mpvs to launch, one with vr plugin and one without, then the one with vr should be as simple as adding the plugin.lua and script folder to the same directory mpv.exe is in, and using the argument.

One thing I did notice is the .lua needs to be in the same working directory that you launch mpv from, so if you are using shortcuts/coded program to launch it, you may need to put the LUA with that coded program or modify the working directory. Had an issue with my code as it would work fine when ran manually, but when launching my custom launcher through a shortcut on streamdeck mpv did not want to load the plugin right until I adjusted the “working” folder in my code to the mpv directory…

Just brainstorming AFK here, but if dragging and dropping a video to mpv isn’t loading the plugin, maybe try putting the lua in the video folder? Or if it’s mpv launched from MFP, might need the lua in same folder as the MFP .exe.

Yoooi’s solution seems a bit easier for MFP side configuration though. Just have 2 separate MFPs, one with VR argument populated for mpv, and one without.

I mean you just have to change yes to no, no need for separate mfp for that. Also you can toggle the vr mode with a keybind inside mpv, v by default.

True. I really only really suggested it due to his initial ask wanting to have separate folders for 2D and VR, but also overlooked the V toggle. :man_facepalming:

Also worth noting: I wasn’t a fan of it opening in such a small window each time, so I changed line 91 in the .lua from local res = 1.0 to local res = 10.0 which then defaults it to 1080px, at which point the V toggle wouldn’t be much of a bother in my book.

Thank you sir!