Free players for local content on Quest/Quest 2?

Used to be that SLR+DeoVR (+ recently “Haptics Connect”) was the easiest/best way to play a local file+local script on Oculus, but unfortunately (finally?) it appears that SLR has put up a paywall.

It appears now that SLR+Haptics Connect is completely locked down to Premium SLR members only. In order for Haptics Connect to play scripts (not “Manual” mode) you have to log into SLR with a PREMIUM membership-- even if you have local (non-SLR) content and scripts you’ve created yourself IT DOES NOT MATTER – in order for SLR to work w/ DeoVR, etc. you still must have a premium membership for it to be willing to talk to devices!

What other options are there for players of local content which DO NOT REQUIRE $$$ to use? Any way to get “Haptics Connect” to recognize that content is local on DeoVR? I’ve had memberships w/ SLR before but with their increasing pricing and additional tiers just to get to content I’m not inclined to keep giving them money – esp. for content which isn’t even theirs.

Options? Ideas?

Try “ScriptPlayer”

Looks like an opportunity for competition!

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I`m using the Intiface with the scriptplayer on my computer and the DeoVr on my quest, I just followed the tutorial

I still tranfer the videos to the Quest and play them on DeoVR, but the script I gotta select manually on the script player then it syncs. Ideally I would like to find a way that the script would play on the scriptplayer when I play the video on DeoVR

Its not as good as the Haptics Connect App, but it is an alternative…

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I have the same problem with cardboard. No way I’m paying 700$ a year for LOCAL content on my phone. It’s ridiculous. Can’t use vr and my keon together anymore.

Thanks very much poneis!! I’ll check out this approach, although from reading the referenced post it seems this approach is a) quite finicky/fiddly to get working and b) requires adding other hardware into the mix. Hopefully it’ll work in a pinch :slight_smile: If ScriptPlayer or some of the other components have github repos or other source exposed I may have to see what I can write to fill this (new) gap – when I can find the time, that is!
1 additional question: The post refers to having Bluetooth receiver – If I have a laptop/PC which already has bluetooth support this is sufficient (i.e. there is not additional hardware needed), yes?

yeap, if your PC/laptatop already has bluetooth you won`t need the receiver.

Here we go again with completely unsubstantiated claims or even the slightest understanding of how things work.

  • Increase in which prices?
  • Which additional tiers? The video service and script service are not different tiers, they are different services.
    • Unless you purchase individual content, of which the money goes to the content creator, you are paying for a service. There’s a pretty hefty price-tag that comes with providing this.
      The majority of users do not have the technical know-how to set up and use alternative methods.
    • That’s incorrect, if it does, then it’s not intended this way. If you purchased content instead of subscribing, you can still use the syncing and app service.

Hrm – guess I touched a nerve.

  1. When one goes to purchase access to SLR, you can purchase videos only or videos + scripts. I would call this different tiers. If I compare this to other streaming services, this is often the verbiage that is used – one tier of access for one set of content, another tier for that content plus additional content or services. That’s why I refer to this as different tiers – if you don’t agree with the terminology I’ve used, I apologize. Tomato / tomato
  2. I have videos purchased from other provides such as Virtual Real Porn, MILFVR, etc. I have created my own scripts for said content. So, by definition this is NOT SLR’s content. They may host copies of it but that does not make it theirs. If I purchased it from someone else (the original provider), they have no say over it, so I say it isn’t theirs – again, if you don’t like this terminology, I apologize but it simply is not their content. Never was.
  3. Attempting to use the SLR app (that is DeoVR with the SLR wrapping) and the Haptics Connect app does not connect and work for playing scripts anymore. I have previously used to use this approach because SLR does have great integration and it just worked for local content. Recently, however:
    a) the Haptics Connect app STOPPED showing any type of login option or connection to SLR service, instead only showing a “manual” mode. Attempts to play a local video with a local script result in the app popping a message stating that you must re-open the “player app” as the playback would not work in the “manual mode”.
    b) Simultaneously, the SLR app has been showing (for a while) a message that it was being deprecated and that you must move to using Haptics Connect for playback instead and in recent week(s) even attempting to open the app and login with anything other than a Premium account results in a pop-up clearly stating:
    Failed to authorize.
    Access only for Premium users. Get Premium access to use this feature.

    Looks pretty clear to me like they’ve locked down ability to use the app for playing local content only to folks who are paying for premium. If this isn’t “the intended way”, then they are sure fooling me 'cause that’s exactly what it looks like.
    Don’t get me wrong – I neither fault them for trying to monetize on every user nor locking this experience down like this – I’ve always been surprised they allowed non-paying users to utilize it for as long as they did and can’t complain in how they want to offer their services. I simply asked the question here about other options because this one (still arguably the best one) no longer works for me if I’m having to pay for it: I’m playing local content and don’t feel I should have to pay SLR a fee just to do so.
    You are of course free to have (and share) differing opinions – they just doesn’t answer the questions I asked. Thanks for sharing.
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Go to your SLR account profile page on the same device you have the HapticsConnect app installed and activate the scrypt syncing.

Yeah, I thought I made that clear. You pay for the SLR service with a subscription. If you purchase individual content, then you buy it from the content creator and you can still access it without subscription. Or even if the content is pulled from SLR.

No one claims it’s SLR’s content and the the studio’s/content creators get paid through the subscription.

It’s getting tiresome seeing misinformation.
On one hand I should not care, but on the other I’m expected to help resolve issues.

Go to your SLR account profile page on the same device you have the HapticsConnect app installed and activate the scrypt syncing.

How do you do that? HapticsConnect is installed on my android phone. If I go to the SLR website in a web browser on my phone, I can’t see anything about script syncing in my profile page.

@MagicOne * Click your SLR profile button (top right hand corner) - There you will find the deeplink button that you will need to click on to ‘Connect SLR to Haptics Connect App’ in your Profile section


I’m don’t have a premium account. I can’t see this button.

Going to fix it. Everyone should see the button

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Interesting. I don’t see the referenced button either, just like MagicOne. I also do not (currently) pay for a premium account so I don’t know if that’s the source of the issue or not. I can at least use the approach the poneis has previously referenced while working on a more permanent fix for my situation. Also seems a sad sign of the current times when I ask for help for an issue and while some kind folks provide assistance, I also have someone accuse me of spreading misinformation about issues that are apparently real and affecting others.

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