Free scripts on

Hey! I just noticed that has free scripts available for download on a bunch of their videos. You don’t even need an account. The link “Handy Device” is just there below certain videos and clicking it downloads the funscript.

Looks like it’s just one of the tokens specific to the Handy, no idea of the quality of the script either.

Aww it’s true, there not usable funscripts. Why would they do that?

This is Handy’s method to allow sites to offer funscripts without actually releasing them publicly. The “funscript” file you downloaded identifies the script that needs to be downloaded to your Handy from the Handy servers - but the actual commands are never shared with your PC or other devices.

Other sites have made these tokens expire after a certain amount of time, so you have to stay subscribed. And if your Handy connection key changes - a common troubleshooting step - then all the script tokens you’ve downloaded are worthless.