Funscript-butt-converter - stroke to vibration converter

Hey, I’ve created simple website for converting stroke based funscripts to vibration pattern.

I’ve created it to be able to use vibrating butt plug with all scripts that are available on this forum. Works great with Lovense Hush.

Diagram presenting changes it does to a script:

Source code:

P.S. I will put more effort into this post and README, if you like it :wink:


Very nice, Thanks.

Time to test it out.

I like how it takes vibration in stroker scripts and convert them into pulsing, that will be intersting on vibrator toys ^^

Many thanks for the tool!

Im curious how the hush actualy reads those scripts, since from falafels image example, it looks more like it just limits the movement and puts everything toward the bottom. For normal stroking it would make sense alternating the value between 0 and anything else (doesnt have to be 100 if weaker vibration is desired), as then it creates a pulsing action that matches the normal action. But converting a vibration section like that looks a bit odd (i would expect it to maintain a steady and usualy higher vibration value then).

I’ve added diagram to the first post to demonstrate how does it work.


I tested it with the Nobra Twincharger.
Vibration was smoother than funscript before conversion and it was very good.
Thanks for the tool!

Thanks for the tool - however this diagram seems inaccurate. When I have converted scripts, it doesn’t go from min to max immediately (such as how you have done the image) - it still ramps up and down.

Or maybe something has went wrong? I have tried with settings of 5, 15, 50, 100, 200 and they still all have the ramp.