v2 - Simple script generation tool

A new free web-based scripting tool is available

There is no need to install anything since the tool is web-based.

It is simple to use and great for videos of big quality that cannot be uploaded to other tools due to their size, since here the video must be played externally, and the tool has a countdown so I am able to start the video in sync with the recording.

it can be used even on mobile for smooth and precise strokes and exports the script with metadata.

  • Use a mouse touchscreen or keyboard to record scripts.
  • Option to record in slow-motion for more precise actions.

It’s very simple but it might be enough for some users who want a quick script.

video tutorial:

*Edit: added new features and video tutorial


Gonna try it tonight!

Dunno, tried it out but its kinda impossible to make smooth actions. Its endig in a stuttering mess, cause every movement you make gets several small actionpoints in such short time that its not possible for the launch or handy to follow them. So if you have done something with this tool, you have to go over the whole script again to fix it, OFS is much better, you can use the same “technique” as well with just the mousemovement, but it has all the assets to make a porper script, this one here just records you mouse movement and the script youre getting out of it is kinda useless.

Besides… its done after a minute, so… what iam supposed to do with a one-minute script anyways? I dont see the point in it so far… if you want to just record “mousemovement” the OFS already provides it, without 1 minute restriction. And OFS doesnt need to be installed either… just download and use it, dont know why this could be a bother.

Either way, to make this one a viable option, it needs to provide way more than it is doing now.

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There’s a 1 minute limit!? :joy:

yeah, it stops after a minute and thats it. So far its just a 1 minute mousemovement recorder… not exactly rocket science here, and not really useful. Sorry if iam being a little harsh. I appreacite if yoimebody wants to create a “simple” scripter to make it easier for everybody to create scripts… but this will not do.

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The duration can be set by clicking on the duration. there is also a button “Set duration” I am aware that 1 minute is not enough :joy:

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you’re not harsh, thats honest feedback and I appreciate it. The 1 minute limit can be modified before starting the recording by clicking on the duration.
I am aware that the tool will not be enough for all toy owners but for some it will, I already got two beers thats 2 more than what I was expecting :joy:
there is no need to have one tool for everything because then it becomes frustrating and intimidating for newcomers with so many settings and options, this aims to be a super simple quick script generator, it will definitely need some tuning, that is why I share it with the community to get some improvement ideas :+1:t2:


Do you also have a stuttering feeling instead of smooth actions? I haven’t tried it yet but looking forward to messing around with it

@Hahn81 @Simplicity Yes you are right there was a lot of noise from the data points between two positions, I have improved the recording algorithm, and now it should be way smoother. give it a try when you get a chance and let me know if it is better. Thanks :+1:t2:

make sure to refresh the website twice to make sure you are using the last version and not reusing a cached version.

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Awesome! Will give it a go tonight! Actually had fun adding some actions to small videos I wanted scripted it was just the small stuttering that made it a little weird

I have added some new features to the description plus a video tutorial


I love the fact that this gives the visual representation of the handy! The unfortunate thing about it is that there is no way to accurately sync your work or easily make adjustments

It would amazing to have the visual aspect of this as an option for the simulator in OFS. If your visual aid could be implemented and used similar to FunscriptSimulator3D it would probably be one of my most used tools.