Funscript Generator for Multi-Axis in blender


Add-on to make funScript the value that animates the specified object based on the world coordinate 0,0,0

The vertical movement is honestly not good, but use the rest of the scripts to generate them arbitrarily

Select that purple object and in the Funscript Generator for OSR on the Export tab next to it

Set the number of frames per second for the blender scene (typically 30)
Set the number of funscript keys per blender frame and press the extract button to display the save window

When you enter a specific object into a reference object
The script that was created based on the existing world coordinate system
Created based on the local coordinate system of the entered object

Therefore, based on a moving object, such as a specific part of a camera/person

Lets you create a script for the target object

The add-on recognizes 90 degrees as the maximum value for the angle

The maximum angle of sr6 is 45 degrees
In the absence of extreme movement, the rotation value should be exaggerated

The add-on automatically recognizes the maximum range for horizontal movement and generates a script