FunScript not syncing when connecting Handy Online

I am not talking about the timing being off by a little. I am talking about the script feeling like it was made for a whole another video.

But when using Handy and connecting it online, there are some videos where the script is way off. This script is a great example.

There is nothing wrong with that script. When using bluetooth mode, it works perfectly. It is only when I connect it online.

I use ScriptPlayer with WhirlygigXyZ.

I don’t even wanna try SLR player or DeoPlayer. Had it installed and I am sick of there constant forced updates when I launch the App.

Btw, above issue is only with few scripts. The rest work fine.

moving to #help

  1. Check if you accidentally changed the “Script Delay” in ScriptPlayer
  2. Make sure your computer’s time is synced with a timeserver (activate in “date and time” settings and click sync now).
  3. Try again from the start
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figured out the problem. Bought a new wifi adaptor which was causing my internet to run like a cell phone connection at spots where you barely get any reception when I launched PiTool which is necessary to run my vr headset.

I changed back to my old adapter, now everything runs fine.

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