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Funscript the Web - Chrome extension for scripting and playing in the browser

Let me present yet another one of my random projects: Funscript the Web

It’s a chrome extension that allows you to create and play scripts directly on any page with a video. It also works in any chromium based browsers such as edge and brave. It was made with theHandy in mind, but allows you to download any script, so it can be useful for other toys as well.

  • When creating scripts, it has limited storage for save data
  • Doesn’t allow scripting for videos longer than 5 minutes, due to the limited storage
  • Doesn’t work with sites that uses custom video elements, such as Pornhub
  • No undo or redo when scripting
  • No way to browse available scripts from the extension

  1. Unzip the zip file
  2. Open the browser and click the 3 dots at the top right > More tools > Extensions
  3. Enable developer mode in the top right
  4. Click load unpacked in the top left
  5. Select the unzipped folder

Playing scripts with theHandy
  1. Click the extension icon and enter your connection key at the top
  2. Go to any page with a video that have been scripted using this extension
  3. Wait for the script to prepare (note the extension icon changing)

If there was an error, click the load button.

Available scripts

Funscript the Web

I will probably add more to this once people add scripts.

Creating scripts

Start by right clicking a video and select Create Script. Alternatively you can click on the extension icon and select a video from the dropdown.

3 handles will appear on the page, labeled: BASE, STIM and TIP. Those handles should be placed where the base of the penis is, where the stimulation takes place and where the tip of the penis is. Like this:

Handles Example.PNG

Those handles should be moved through out the video to follow the penis and stimulation.

You can either do it frame by frame, by pausing the video and using the arrow keys (along with Control or Shift) and then move the handles.

Or you can move them while the video is playing. You can slow down the speed if you open the extension popup.

Each time the handles have been moved, it saves all their positions to local storage, allowing you to refresh the page without losing progress.

Also, if you accidentally reset one of the handles through the extension popup, it won’t save until you actually move one, so refreshing the page will revert it.

Then when you want to try out your script, you can either download it and use a script player, or click the test button, for testing it with theHandy.

Finally, once you’re happy with the script, you can enter a username and upload it, making it available for everyone else using the extension.

Potential features
  • The ability to upload existing funscripts, making it possible to use this extension for full length videos
  • The ability to tweak how scripts play for theHandy, such as the intensity


So I tried creating a script with this but it’s not working for me. I opened a video on xhamster, opened up the extension and clicked create script. Then I moved the three buttons around as it was playing. After that I clicked test script, played the video, and nothing happened. I’ve checked the connection key several times and it’s correct. Video is 4:50. Incognito Mode.

Tried it in a non-incognito browser. When I click create script, the buttons don’t show up. Adjusting the playback speed works in incognito but has no effect with non-incognito.

Edit: I had to close out the incognito window and then the three buttons showed up. The speed adjuster still had no effect, and when I play it after clicking test I see the buttons moving around but the Handy still does nothing.

Thanks for trying it out!

It worked for me with: Jill Valentine Handjob Sfm, Free Xxx Handjob HD Porn 83 | xHamster.

I haven’t tested it on firmware 3 yet, have you upgraded to it?

Also, I realized that the source url for videos on many sites streaming sites, including xHamster, changes over time. So I think that could be causing some of the other issues you are having.

Could you try it with a video on redgifs and see if you have the same issues there?

i’m on V3

Don’t work for me, i tried but there is no statut message. And i can’t see or feel anything but the script option. I can creat script but there is no control. I tried to add tw3 on my handy key. No result.

Some other App like fapinstructor work correctly for me.

Which website did you try to create a script on, and have you tried with a video on redgifs?

Could i hook it up on Facebook and give me strokes anytime someone replies to troll posts i make on Anti-vax and flat-earther groups?

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