General Scripting Technique Discussion

I noticed there are discussions around the tech side of scripting, how to get it set up etc, but not much on just general scripting techniques.

Having recently got back into scripting myself I was reminded that it can very much feel like an art rather than a science! But there isn’t anywhere specific for people to ask questions about how to script better, how to handle certain kinds of action, etc.

I’ll start. I recently discovered the dynamic injection mode of scripting apps - and it’s a godsend! It is literally the reason why I started scripting again. Frame by frame scripts feel like such a mountain to climb. However, using dynamic injection and running through a video at 50% or 30% lets me run through huge sections of video so quickly. I now legitimately feel like I could get around to scripting most of my collection at some point.

Whats strange is that I find that my results can often feel better than my frame by frame efforts. Because I can set a target speed beforehand for the app to aim for, I have a better idea of what the script is going to feel like than trying to estimate it by setting points frame by frame.
It also adds a little bit of variance to stroke lengths which is nice. It’s a little bit less robotic feeling as the temptation with going frame by frame is just to repeat 80/0/80/0 ad infinitum. I’ve learned that trying to mimic the stroke lengths happening on screen isn’t really the best way to go. It’s not about how it looks, it’s about how it feels and dynamic injection helps with that greatly. Plus it’s so easy to adjust that speed after the fact by selecting all top/bottom points of a section and moving them up or down.

It only seems to help with certain actions though - sections that follow a fairly regular up/down rhythm like fucking, dynamic injection is perfect for that. Grinding, most blowjobs, not so much, they still look like a frame by frame job. Also, it is best to look over dynamic frame sections again once done and make adjustments, but that is true of any scripting.

I actually find BJ scenes quite challenging and was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to approach them. They always take so long! Plus there is a real balance between mimicing the organic feel and having too many points in a BJ section.


Another question for the more experienced scripters - how ‘HD’ do you make your scripts?

By that I mean, how much detail to you go into when setting points? I think I’m starting to move past what I believe is the newbie mistake of setting tons of points to try and mimic a scene perfectly. One would think they’re recreating the action exactly by doing that, but in reality all it does is turn the toy into a jittery mess. Even if all stroke intervals are within a device’s capabilities, it still can’t transition between them smoothly and this becomes very noticeable when changing speeds too many times over a single stroke. Sometimes making the device jitter is useful, but only in very specific circumstances. And in reality, a stroke with less points on it doesn’t feel any less realistic in practice.

So there has to be a trade off between detailed movements and putting in too many points for a device to handle. Naturally it depends on the action to an extent, but what do people find to be a good balance?

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Im also really curious about exactly the same stuff, just started trying to script a few days ago and Im having issues really knowing how precise to follow the action and also how the make a fast part feel fast.
I also am curious if its best to just leave the parts with nothing happening to just no movement. Example being a video with like ~4 minutes of striptease before any action which is really sexy but feels odd having no movement to accompany it

I think that’s awesome… If you’re not planning to sell it, then do what you like and what works for you! It’s definitely more art than science, but if you are planning to sell it there are standards to which one must adhere, and it can get pretty tedious. From what you’ve described, I’m of the opinion that you should do the minimum that you can that gets you to an end product you’re happy with. You’ve probably already seen it, but it might be good to re-read the article below. I would recommend paying particular attention to the “Tips for Setting Points” section.

Here are the two things I wish I’d known when I started…

There’s a discussion in that article under “How to improve performance when stepping frame by frame in JFS and OFS” that describes decompressing the mp4 using ffmpeg. This creates a much larger, uncompressed file that is much easier for your video card to manage. The end result is that there is little or no lag when moving frame by frame, which really speeds things up. Do this. It’s totally worth the time.

I know it’s not super-popular, but I like to run through my scenes with a joystick first at about 35% and get a general layout. I then go through mine twice more to adjust timing and depth in a frame-by-frame manner, but you may find that your results with a single pass are good enough for your purposes. XBOX/PS joystick control is an often overlooked and very valuable feature of the application.

Blowjob scenes are always tough, but you might find that between the two it gets easier, and you might just get sufficient results for your purposes by just using a joystick in default mode.

I know it’s not much, but I hope it helps!

Any chance you have a video of your whole process, or even just the initial joystick attempt.

I tried joystick a bit and it felt odd

I’m afraid I don’t have any video of it, and I’m not sure how I’d go about doing that honestly. The joystick does take a little getting used to. I run the video at about 30-35% so I don’t have to worry about moving through time. I use the left stick to control depth (so I’m basically just moving it up and down), and X to lay down points. When I’m done, I get points that are PRETTY close (but certainly not perfect), and typically I can’t tell much more than whether it’s a top point or bottom point but you may be better with a joystick than I am.

On the second pass, I adjust the timing on all points (using Y will draw the nearest point to the frame you’re on), and adjust depth for blowjob/handjob sections. I don’t worry so much about depth for penetration sections during the second pass.

On the third pass, I go back through it and make sure the depths look good for blowjob/handjob scenes at 30%, and I adjust depth in small batches since penetration tends to be much more rhythmic than anything else. Still, depending on the scene, I might only move a few points at a time here. Some have a lot of penetration variation, and some don’t.

Then, MOST IMPORTANTLY, I test it out at full speed before I publish or share it. Sometimes there are things you miss in slow motion, and sometimes there are things you can only pick up on when you have audio.

I do MOST of this with the joystick, but there are some things you have to use a keyboard/mouse, like batch point selection.

Dunno if that’s helpful or not, but that’s my process. The whole thing winds up taking about 10 times the length of the action I’m scripting, so 30 minutes of actual scripted scene will take around 5 hours, give or take. Sometimes longer, depending on the complexity. O Canada took me nearly twice that, but it came out pretty good and it was worth it.

I guess what I was trying to say before is that you can get decent results pretty quickly using the joystick, but for very good results there’s really no alternative to putting in the time. If you plan to sell it in any venue, you’ve got to put in the time and effort. If not, then have fun with it! At the end of the day, you only have to satisfy yourself.