Generic Music Playlist Scripts

I’m thinking of starting to compile a list of all my PMV scripts and generalize them by song not by video. That way they can be used universally (with a little time editing) with any other PMV out there that uses the same song.

Is this something anyone would be interested in if I took the t ime to put it together?


That would be cool. Popular songs like magic bomb or hai phut hon have a lot of scripts. I’m sure everyone has their own favorite script though

I’m currently working on a personnal VR PMV which I’ll share later this year so I’d definitely be interested.

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Yess this would be cool.

I think a scripted song database is a great idea, and could really be explosive for the amount of creative content on this site. Not only could we use scripts for many of the alternate PMVs found on the streaming sites, but there’s also the Auto PMV Generator. I’ve never been able to get it to work possibly because my pc sucks, but apparently it’s very user friendly and is able to create something much more interesting than just a random compilation of clips. For the community members who don’t have the time, interest, or ability to make scripts, creating PMVs for pre-scripted songs would be a terrific way to contribute.

I’ve kicked this off in a free scripts post so feel free to check it out

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Great idea. Please do this.

Don’t forget that you will need to indicate if the script is strictly to the music or if any action motion is included.

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This is a solid idea @hosenguy . I hadn’t had a chance to “test” every script to remember what was what but as it evolves I’m sure the community can contribute to that info.

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