Georgie lyall d-ick by the pool script?

i have a memeory of a script being done for this video

but going thru all my drives i cant find it?

does anyone remember who did it or wether it was free/paid ?

i would love to try it again?

anyone remember it ?

georgie lyall Vitamin d-ick,

thanks if anyone can find it

This wouldn’t be the help tag. It’s the script request tag.

Nope. He think this video was scripted and he can’t find it anymore. So he need help and it is not a script request.

He’s requesting a script he can’t find.

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As Madscripts says , I know this has been scripted and was asking for it to be re-found if it’s free , superb, if it was a paid script I will purchase it.
Not asking anybody to script it :+1::+1::+1: