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Getting details correct for Fleshlight 3D strap

I’m going to order the 3d printed Fleshlight strap/mount, however there is a couple details I’m not sure about.

  1. What printing material should be used?

  2. What unit of measurement is correct?

This is the strap:

This is the site I’m going to have print it.

Craftcloud has you upload the print file, then asks what unit of measurement was used. The next option is what material you would like to be used along with what color.

Any input would be much appreciated, thanks fellas :+1:

Firstly… what country you in? Someone here might be willing to just print it for you for cheaper?

But anyway @SlowScripter

craftcloud3d info =

  • Scale would be “mm”.
  • As for Material I’d recommend PETG from craftcloud3d.
    but even ABS or PLA would still be still very good too.
  • Infill 20% is more than enough but 60% if you want super strong.
  • color whatever…

Thanks Tech.
I’m in the U.S. and I’m sure there’s somebody on here that would help me out. But I just assume go through a site that has the packaging, shipping, payments and everything already sorted out.

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