Getting 'soft' sleeves to stay in place with Handy

Hi, I wondered if anyone can help me here? So far I’ve mostly been using a Tenga AirTech Ultra Size with the Handy, to mostly good results, though the lube seems to dry up a bit quickly. I’ve also recently been using the original sleeve which game with it and actually really been enjoying it, and I’ve also bought a few onahole type toys, and I’ve used a fleshlight but a bit fed up with that as a little too tight and way too heavy.

My main question is: when using the softer cased toys, how do you get the Handy to hold on to it correctly? I find that the velcro strap doesn’t grip them too well, with the exception of the Handy sleeve which has those handy ridges. After a couple of minutes most of these toys end up creeping up or down the strap.

Any suggestions welcome, thanks


I glue velcro tape to the case and it is more than enough to hold it in place. Something like this:


Ah thanks man, I have some adhesive velcro too but I only used tiny little strips on this soft toy the other day which just slid off the toy. I should just go a bit thicker. I would have just wound tape around the toy but that prevents it expanding so I guess a couple of thick vertical stripes are the answer

Maybe, I only used 2in wide tape and it never slid off, even with full fleshlight, although my tape can be glued even to walls so I guess it might be for heavier use than thinner stripes. You can also look into some velcro tapes with gel on one side so it has better friction, but can’t find it now.

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I use these straps, works like a charm, it has sticky gel on the inside: Trilancer Elastic Cinch Straps with Anti-Slip Strips, 12 “x 2”(8 Pack) Heavy Duty Multipurpose Hook and Loop Straps for Extension Cords, Cables, Ropes, Hoses, Bike, Pant Garters : Electronics


Ah thanks, they look very useful but do they solve the problem of the toy itself slipping away from the velcro? I’d rather not have to just cinch the loop really tight around a soft sleeve as I prefer a slightly loose feel if possible, I’m fairly girthy so it’s nice to just not chafe too much.

What do you do with the tape when you need to clean the sleeve?

Usually the case is clean, so I just pull off the sleeve and wash it. I’m only a little more careful when washing case occasionaly, but some water is not a problem for the tape at all.

Yeah I’ve successfully used wide strips of velcro to hold fleshlight and Tenga Airtech Ultra in place, but I have a couple of onahole type toys which are completely soft all the way around and those are the ones I’m struggling with. I have just tried affixing 1.5-inch wide strips to both of them and already one of them looks like it’s just peeling off, but the other (double ended thing with pussy one end and grotesque mouth with teeth at the other) looks like it might just work…

You can check Handy discord for more ideas. Maybe put the onahole in the sock so it won’t peel off?

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My favorite sleeve is completely smooth and it’s impossible to hold in place just by strapping it down with the Handy strap. I take a sticky piece of hook velcro, cut it in half, and stick those two pieces together. Having hook velcro on the inside grabs the sleeve with friction, and the hook velcro on the outside obviously velcros itself to the Handy strap. It doesn’t have to go all the way around the sleeve. Then I hold the velcro in place on the sleeve with a fabric hair rubber band. You can use a regular rubber band, but the velcro will grab onto the fabric hair rubber band better. Additionally you can also put a piece of velcro on the Handy’s slide in order to grab the fabric hair rubber band that’s around the sleeve, but it might not be necessary.