Getting Started with 3D Printing (SR6)

I just got my first 3D Printer recently, the Creality Ender 3 Pro.
And i just wonder how do i start with building my own SR6?`Is that 3D Printer big enough to print out the parts for the SR6?

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Yes that should be fine! It should be as easy as ordering the parts that need buying and printing the parts that need printing (go with atleast wall thickness 3 and 33% infill). Good luck with your build :ok_hand:

Use cubic infill.

What do i need electronic wise when i print everything by myself?

Electronics-wise you will need 6x servo motor, and esp32 development board, a power supply and other random bits. I have had great success with these servo’s. They are relatively quiet and durable without breaking the bank.
You can get the full bill of materials, STL files and detailed instructions from Tempest on his Patreon. Some soldering will be required. That should be all you need to complete your build.
If you want to use your SR6 wirelessly (i.e. in a room where your computer is not), I recommend using khrull’s firmware. His downloads also include instructions. If you go this route nothing changes in the build but the software loaded on the board, which adds a webinterface and wireless capabilities among other things.


Is the Custom Power Bus the only “soldering” requiring item there? Because i dont own one and buying one for 13€ doesnt seem to be a bad idea

No, there are a few things that need to be soldered. Also, the instructions provided for soldering are a bit poor. For the power pins, lay a bit of wire across all of the pins (interlacing it helps) and solder that to the pins. Don’t just slap down gobs of solder.

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I did the same. Decided to use perfboard which I had on hand, so I just grabbed two rows of header pins and interconnected the pins using a piece of thin wire.

For me the powerbus was the only soldering required. If you add any “addons” such as a pump those may require soldering as well depending on what parts you decide to use.

Given the current, I soldered all the wire splices rather than twist cap.

Where do i get that 6/10A at 5/6V power supply in europe? I just cant find it…

This one is working like a charm for me:

Are you using the rod bearings or the grommets? because rod bearings are really expensive, and i dont know the pros and cons for grommets/bearings…

I’m using grommets. Might source some rodends from aliexpress as a future upgrade, but the grommets are fine tbh. Rodends move smoother but I don’t think it makes a huge difference.

So how fast does this thing go? If the handy maxes out at like 500mm/s how much faster is the OSR/SR6? I am down for like 2000mm/s lol

I haven’t measured the speed, but to answer your question; it’s fast and powerful and this thing scares me sometimes. Vibrations are also crazy strong so if you watch one of @ahe 's scripts its a full-body sensation.

Got some questions about grommets so to keep things central on the European SR-6 materials: these grommets will fit (they are close enough; 7.5 / 5mm). Just use a sharp object and some force to install them in the arms.


Lol fear! Now thats what i want to hear when it concerns my genitals. Count me in

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I used these:

If you got time to wait they`re cheap, but quality is still ok. Make sure to choose Right Thread, Sa4 M4

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Thanks, I might consider upgrading :smiley: not wanting to wait a month was my reason for (initially) going with grommets :sweat_smile:

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