Give advice about The handy sleeves

I have torn original true grip, I have quickshot vantage, Fleshlight Quickshot Stamina Training mini and tenga spinner, what do you advise to take from closed options not counting sleeves from the Handy line ?

Search for ‘sleeves’ and you will find several threads about sleeves for TheHandy.

My biggest advise is looking at sleeves that have a proper gripping point. A flat surface (like the spinners) often doesnt work out well. Spinners are luckily a quite loose sleeve by design, making them easier to grip, but its still not a very sturdy grip.

To be fair, the only sleeves i found to work well next to the handy line are quickshots. the quickshot case demands the sleeves to have ridges, making those sleevs also work for the handy. But thets only without case.

But we can take it further. since solid sleeves do actualy enable some gripping option. As the standard handy sleeve has a quite universal gripping method (velcro) you could get some velcro tape which you can stick to the sleeve. As long as that tape sticks properly to the sleeve, it will have a very strong grip. This can enable a lot of sleeves. But obviously, if the sleeves are TPE or silicone based (and can stretch) i can imagine the tape not sticking well.

I ordered my fleshlights fleshgrip

I’ve recently given this one a try and I am quite enjoying it.

It’s soft but still firm enough that the band doesn’t just squish the toy when attached and it feels pretty great with the little nubs inside as well as delivering good suction. Plus it’s pretty easy to clean just by turning it inside out.

It’s on the heavier side but still under the Handy’s weight limit so it moves just fine even with fast scripts. (Although those can be quite intense with this sleeve lol)

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This is true. But I’ve also found that fleshier sleeves tend to latch on quite well, even if their outer surface is flat.

Example being the Tenga Crysta series. The band can be wrapped tight against it, changing its shape and therefore ensure a good grip.

Thats why i say often. As there are a few factors that matter a lot:

  • Is the outer part of the sleeve going to be wet from lube (open ended often faces this)? as this reduces grip a lot.
  • Do you use the gen1 or gen2 strap. The gen2 strap has silicone lines in them to enable better grip on silicone surfaces. This helps massively on such sleeves.
  • How fast is the movement? Faster movement generaly causes more resistance, which is more likely to push a sleeve out of its grip.
  • How squeezable is the sleeve? As this enables a tighter grip and also prevents slipping (compression isnt very likely to happen by sliding). So the softer (compressable) the material, the tighter you can make the grip without actualy making it too tight for usage.
  • Is the sleeve reliable in its shape? A sleeve that stretches a lot generaly requires a looser strap to avoid blocking. But this also means that this loosening alows it to be released from its grip entirely. This is generaly countered by having ridges to which the strap can grip. (in theory you could even cut in the sleeve to provide such gripping point, but i dont recommend doing this).

In the end, just test the sleeve before using it. And in that test, you could try to pull the sleeve out from the top (the other way is unlikely to happen). If it feels like a solid grip, it most likely is, and after that you can just test it on a slower script.

Just avoid going for a full speed script on the first attempt. Thats just asking for problems.

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I got one of the new Fleshlight Boost, and it’s become my new go to. I slightly modified mine and can do open or closed end

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