Good Sleeves for Keon

Hello everyone!
I know it´s quite rude to start with a question without providing anything yet but I can´t find anything reliable or just don´t know how to look for it, so sorry in advance.
After thinking about getting the Kiiroo Keon for a long time (was a bit on the fence since in my thoughtprocess I wondered why invest a good chunk of money in something that just strokes for you, what´s the point?), I spontaneously did it and it arrived last Saturday.
And what can I say, I really like it, it´s completely different, especially with wellcrafted scripts; at this point a big thank you for everyone putting the work in!
My Problem now is that the standardsleeve which is a bit like the Staminatrainingunit of the Fleshlightlineup doesn´t work that well for me; the Staminatrainingunit I had 10+ years ago didn´t do either. It feels good, don´t get me wrong, but compared to other sleeves it´s just not the same. I strapped my still existing Fleshlight Turbo Thrust into the Keon which felt awesome, really. Problem here is the already known issue that it rubs against the inner side of the keon and leaves a really sticky residue that´s hard to remove and I fear that through the additional friction there´s a good chance that this will in worst case kill the keon. Because of this Fleshlights seem to be out of the picture which is bad, because compared to the Feelgirls you find a lot of recommendations on these but it´s just not worth it to destroy the sleeves and possibly the keon itself in a short time.

So, the main question: Has someone experience with the Sleeves and can recommend something?
As a help and a bit of guideline: I´m circumcised since birth and have another healthissue that lets my skin dry up; so compared to the average person I´m pretty insensitive, so it can not be intense enough. Size is 16cm x 4,5cm.
Fleshlightsleeves I really liked in the past is the Turbo Thrust and this bluish Alienthingy, especially I think it´s called Lotusknot or something? I know these are both a bit wider, I´ve read a few times that at a certain thickness you no longer feel the details of tighter ones because everything is squished together? What was also good was a Fleshlight that looked like a can but was ribbed on the Inside but I think it was discontinued a long time ago.
Sorry if I don´t know more. I usually only owned 2, maybe 3 toys I took good care of and only replaced them if they were insalvagable so I can count my Fleshlightsleeves or similar Toys I had in now almost 20 years on my Fingers.
I would really be grateful if someone has any Tips, I don´t want to waste too much money since Sleeves are seen as a hygienic product and stores obviously don´t take them back once you unwrap them^^
I know that this Board is more Handy- and OSR(?)-based but maybe someone knows something; and regarding tips to switch to another toy: I consider it but earliest next year, right now I want to keep the keon first since my biggest issue is the sleeve and not the rest (the obvious designflaw with the rubbing left aside); maybe at this point new stuff is on the market anyways.
So thanks to anyone who can provide something, there´s just almost no talk about the Feelgirls at all and I have almost no experience in how good what texture might feel :-/

Hi, I tried 5 feel stars from Kiiroo and not a lot of sensations. The inserts are too wide.
In view of the size of the equipment you have (I don’t know how to say otherwise) you are looking for narrow or wide? I see the blue alien insert, he is on sale on the site, he looks narrow.

The alien seemed to be a bit wider to me, same as the thrust, at least compared to others I had. It was just to provide a bit of insight what worked for me and especially in case of the thrust also worked with the keon, way better than the standard insert. Couldn´t try out the alien because I got rid of it a few months ago.
But as I said, I don´t want to use Fleshlightinserts since after only 2 uses there was visible redidue inside of the main keonunit and you could also see marks on the thrustinsert where it rubbed off. I would at least think that the feelstars fit a bit better.
Sorry that I can´t provide more info on more narrow or wide, just that it needs to be more intense than the standardinsert. But I would guess not too narrow. I just don´t have too many experiences with toys like these and the only major hint in this is that the thrust, from a feelingstandpoint works really well…
Which insert did you have and which of those felt the best?

Fleshlight STU or Stamina Training Unit is your friend. Not sure how sleeves mount on the Keon but Fleshlight Quickshots are popular with Handy users and they sell a STU version too. Try different lubes too, they can make all the difference in the world with the same sleeve. I like to use Gun Oil H2O because it is slick, stays wet a long time, and is a bit thicker than most lubes and doesn’t run all over the place as much and making a mess.

But that´s the problem, neither the stamina training unit I had 15 or so years ago nor the stu-like insert gave me much. Maybe it´s just a personal thing but they just don´t work that well for me.
Quickshots don´t fit, you need to use a casing that clicks into the device that is similar to the normal pastic fleshlightcases but a bit smaller.
And regarding the lube, I live in germany and I don´t know if they sell the gun oil here. I´ve seen it on amazon but it´s a lot more expensive than other lubes, like twice to 3 times as much for a similar amount. Is it supposed to be that expensive? What worked best until now is the fleshlightlube. Most other brandlubes we had around here dry up to fast because they´re most likely made for normal sex where natural moisture is added to some degree. Using a toy like the keon it´s a real hassle to add spit or something every few minutes…

Just wanted to say thanks for everyone that took the time to answer me, don´t want to look ungrateful. I just went with the Victoria June-Sleeve and will test if it works better for me; at least until I switch to this weird selfmadelooking thing that can also twist and stuff.^^

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