Graphic card suggestion for PC driven VR

I’m planning on getting a new computer (either building one or a laptop). I want to get the least expensive graphic card that can play the best available VR both on a regular screen and through VR goggles. I’m not that familiar with Radeon, but I don’t have any brand loyalty. I’m currently thinking of something like a Ge Force 3060. I’m not sure which of the latest video card development are relevant for VR as opposed to gaming. Any help would be appreciated.

I can speak of Nvidia (desktop)- anything rtx2000 and up will be more than enough for VR video applications. 3060 will be a monster (on desktop at least) - not sure how well its laptop equivalent, if one exists, compares.

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Anything 3060 and up should handle vr just fine, but it depends on your monitor resolution, the headset resolution and what level of quality you want. If you want 4k but your monitor only displays 1080p then its only gonna display 1080p.

I have a evga 3060 and a quest 2(which is a standalone headset that can run off pc as well), i can run oculus link and play most vr just fine. But it’ll only play 7k videos on whirligig on certain videopaths with the right codecs and what not installed.

Once again it entirely depends on what you want and what youre gonna run with what equipment. What headset are you looking at? Whats your monitor resolution? What level of vr videos are you looking to run?

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Thanks for the reply. I have a 4k monitor and I’m hoping to purchase the quest 2 and run it off my pc. So maybe a better question is, what graphic card will run the quest 2 to its full capability for the best quality VR?

Thanks for this. I know with laptops, they release video cards with different wattage settings. So the same card in a laptop version will almost always outperform a laptop version. I’m hoping to get a quest 2 eventually, so I’m wondering what will take full advantage of the quest 2’s capabilities.

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You don’t need a highclass graphic card for VR videos, those cards are only a musthave for games or stuff where render processes are included.

The minimum req for quest 2 are: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon 400 Series or better

So a low budget card like RTX2060 / RTX3050 Ti / RX 6600 is more than enough atm.

For example, if you stream VR from PC to Quest via Air Link, your wifi is a bigger bottleneck than maybe your gpu.

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Depends on how much you want to spend and what you want.

Quest2 is technically also the budget headset but its also standalone, you can play vr videos and connect to the handy with just the quest 2. So you technically wouldn’t even have to upgrade. But as someone who got the Quest2, yes the base price is pretty low but the price increases as soon as you want some qol changes.

The base straps are pretty bad on the quest 2, they’re tight and have no counterbalance, so its front heavy(which becomes an issue with prolonged use, some people get headaches from the straps). The facial interface(the part that touches your face when you wear it) also gets really itchy and the included silicone condom for it is kinda low quality. So people usually end up buying replacements for those.

I wear glasses and you could technically wear them with glasses on with the facial interface spacer but then you risk scratching the lenses with your glasses and my glasses in particular would always get stuck in the oculus when i took them out. I didn’t want to risk messing up the machine or my glasses so I bought prescription inserts(you could just buy silicone spacers that make sure the glasses and lenses never touch).

None of this may apply to you, this is just my personal experience from getting into vr from the quest2 and me wanting the QoL.

@mADsCRIPTS Funnily enough my previous card was exactly a GTX970. The Quest2 ran on that card but the performance and framerate started taking hits once i went for higher framerates/resolution.

3050 should be enough but I heard it was a ‘fake budget card’ so I went for the 3060 instead it was within my budget and only 100$ more so I just spent the bit extra for some future proofing.

Also GPU prices are dipping due to crypto sinking. You could buy used but you’re on your own for that one, will have to gamble and do your own research into that.

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It depends.

To start with, if you are planning to buy Quest 2 then you are already good to go to watch even 8k content (highest quality atm). If you are concerned about storage then you can use almost any PC as DLNA / SMB server and stream the video to your Quest 2 (wireless method).

However if you are planning to play/stream games from your PC to your Quest then 3060 / 3070 / 3080 should be a good card, mostly depends on the game but you can check the reqiurements of something you are interested in (if you are ofc).

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