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I am a relative new user of Handbrake. I have mainly been using it to convert webm, mov, avi, etc. files to mp4. Things have converted great so far but I am always up for learning how to do things better. What settings do you normally use?

I use the Fast 1080p 30 preset. The only value I change is to use source framerate. Do you prefer any presets over this one?

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Curious, why are you converting/compressing videos? To save space? Every time you transcode you lose quality.

You should read this thread and you will learn a lot.


If you need an invite, just ask.

@g90ak ever since pausing or skipping around in a video caused the Handy to stop responding when using funscript.io I only use HandyFeeling and that does not play webm, mov, or avi files. I have tried some of the other players but I can never get them to work at all. I keep hoping funscript.io gets revamped to restore the resuming of script playback after an interruption.

@hosenguy thanks, I will take a look at that thread.

it all depends on what i convert it for if it is a vid that i want to view on my psvr i use devices playstation (and then the wanted resolution).
But if i convert a vid for scripting purposes i use production 1080p as that works well the filesize becomes huge but my pc can handle it a lot better during scripting and i will keep the original for viewing the scene (you could use ffmpeg for it but for me this is a lot easier).

I might be wrong, but I believe funscript.io is still dependant on the older TheHandy API for firmware v2. TheHandy API for firmware v3 got much improvements regarding skipping around and have instant response. You could try beta.funscript.io and see if that works better for you. Note that it’s still very much a beta which most likely have issues. The connection key is hidden behind the alert marker in the upper right corner. I haven’t tried the beta myself so I have no idea in what state it is.

Actually, functionality broke while I was still on v2. After I upgraded to v3 there was no change and the beta site displays the same behavior.

It was worth a shot at least. Sorry that it didn’t solve anything.

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The attempt was appreciated. Thanks.

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